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24 September 2014
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Marc Warren as Danny and Robert Glenister as Ash (episode one)

The Hustle team are back

Episode synopses

Episode one

Mickey, Danny, Albert, Ash and Stacie return from a well-earned break to discover that old-time grifter Harry Holmes has been banged up.

After attempting to con ruthless property developer Howard Jennings, Holmes may be in for a long stretch.

Jennings has been stung before and won't be outsmarted by anyone - or so he thinks.

Danny's eager to take Jennings on, but the team don't share his enthusiasm.

Convinced he can pull it off, Danny makes a bet with Mickey. But Mickey is worried by Danny's insistence of throwing tried and tested tradition to the wind.

With a little help from Stacie, Danny is struck by inspiration and prepares the most outrageous con that they've ever engineered.

They're going to sell Jennings a gold mine - in London.

Using a genuine discovery of Bronze Age gold artefacts in London, the gang concoct a myth about these artefacts being sourced from a secret mine under London's streets.

As the scam unfolds, it appears that Jennings is falling head first into their trap. But at the crucial last stage Jennings decides to conduct his own tests on the land they are attempting to sell him - the team look to Danny for plan B, but has his hare-brained scheme actually accounted for one?

Hustle Stanley Townsend as Johnny Keyes and Adrian Lester as Mickey

Episode two

The gang are on the verge of completing a job but Albert's gone AWOL. When he finally appears it's all too late because the mark has pulled out - but Albert has a new plan.

After spotting Johnny Keyes - a prominent restaurateur with a notorious gangland background - in a church, he goes undercover as a priest to hear Keyes' confession.

Ill health means that Keyes is worried about never finding James, the son he lost years before to a gangland kidnapping.

He's consumed by guilt for not paying the ransom but has no idea where his son is.

While Stacie uncovers more about Keyes' unpleasant violent history, Mickey and Ash set up a missing persons organisation.

Mickey approaches Keyes as a charity worker to inform him that they've found James, who wants to meet him.

A counterfeit blood test confirms that Danny is Keyes' son. Pretending to be Jimmy and fiancée Paula, Danny and Stacie are escorted by Mickey to meet Keyes for the first time.

Posing as a troublesome diner, Ash kicks up a storm, providing Danny the perfect opportunity to prove his loyalty to his father and his beloved restaurant.

Keyes decides he wants to give his newfound son some money to set up his own restaurant but, as Mickey reminds him, Danny must remember he is supposed to be a chip off the old block and pride would stop him accepting charity.

So instead Keyes decides to test Danny's cooking skills and if they are up to scratch he will invest - but Danny's not exactly Jamie Oliver in the kitchen so how have the team planned to extract Keyes' cash?

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