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24 September 2014
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The Rotters' Club
Rafe Spall plays Sean Harding

The Rotters' Club

Rafe Spall plays Sean Harding

How would you describe Sean?

He cares more about making people laugh than doing anything else.

But there is also a more subversive, darker, sadder side of him, which comes out in a couple of scenes.

He has got a lot of family problems and this comes out in his joke telling, which is a defence mechanism.

He reminds me of myself, not that I was a sad kid at all, but I was the kid who would try to get the laughs in the class rather than anything else and it got me in quite a lot of trouble.

It gets Sean in quite a lot of trouble as well. But he doesn't care because in his mind, when he leaves, he is going to be a great man and he can do whatever he wants to do.

What are your thoughts about the Seventies as a decade?

All I can draw from it is the fact that you have the whole 20-year cycle thing. In the Nineties, and I'm a Nineties kid, the Seventies were really fashionable. And now in the 2000s, the Eighties are fashionable.

I remember in the Nineties my parents were like, "I can't believe people are wearing flares again. It's ridiculous."

I remember Seventies comedy and watching Porridge and The Likely Lads with my Mum and Dad when I was younger - I used to love it.

Do you have anything else coming up?

I have just been in Romania for two and a half months doing a Second World War movie called The Drop with Billy Zane, Nick Moran and Sean Pertwee.

I've also got a film coming up which a really good friend of mine, Noel Clarke, has written.

It's a dark representation of today's youth culture called Kidulthood.

In April 2005 I'm shooting a film called Triumph in Cape Town.

How and why did you get in to acting?

My father is an actor and I have always been surrounded by actors and actresses and to be quite honest I have never contemplated doing anything else.

I have got two sisters who both have nothing to do with acting and so I don't know why it has passed them by, but for me there was just nothing else I was ever going to do.

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