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24 September 2014
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Look Around You
Music contestant Antony Carmichael (Chris Obi) with Look Around You presenter Peter Packard (Peter Serafinowicz)

Look Around You


Episode one - Music

Peter Packard, Jack Morgan, Pam Bachelor and Pealy Maghti take a look at the latest in music technology.

The programme is devoted to the Look Around You Music 2000 competition, a search for music the public will be listening to in the year 2000.

Three contestants have 30 seconds to perform their rendition of what they think will be the music of tomorrow.

We see live performances by Tony Rudd (Kevin Eldon), Toni Baxter (Kate Drew) and Antony Carmichael (Chris Obi), who gives the UK's first performance of rap music.

The whole contest is judged by the Look Around You music expert, the Ghost of Tchaikovsky (Harry Enfield), who speaks to us through a translator throughout.

In this week's special report, the team finds out how the charts are compiled and meets the Chairman of the Royal Pop and Rock Association, Sir Alan Rees (Michael Fenton-Stevens) who is also the current French kissing champion.

Leonard Hatred (Mark Heap) demonstrates his invention Psilence, an anti-noise spray that is applied directly to the ears sealing them up.

The team also meets Britain's leading synthesiser expert, Synthesiser Patel (Sanjeev Singh Kohli), who demonstrates a number of his amazing keyboards including a water synthesiser.

Finally, Jack Morgan performs his follow-up single to Little Mouse (as seen in series one) live in the studio.

Episode two - Health

Peter Packard, Jack Morgan, Pam Bachelor and Pealy Maghti take a look at advances in modern day healthcare, from the diarrhoea machine to asthma cigarettes.

Leading plastic surgeon Dr Frankline Fu (Benedict Wong) introduces viewers to the world's only robot surgeon, Medibot.

Throughout the programme Jack Morgan goes under the knife as Dr Fu and Medibot attempt to create the perfect male face.

Meanwhile the other presenters try out a new toothbrush that uses a powerful electric current to literally burn away plaque, although there is one rather serious side effect...

In the special report, the team pays a visit to a sleep institute and meets its director Professor Keith Craven (Paul Humpoletz).

His patients are learning new skills whilst they are asleep - from learning a foreign language to oil painting.

The professor also shows a device for filming and recording dreams, and Pam gets to drive a car at high speeds around a test track - whilst she is asleep.

At the end of the show Dr Fu and Medibot reveal Jack's radically altered face. But what will Jack - and the others - think of his new image?

Episode three - Sport

Peter Packard, Jack Morgan, Pam Bachelor and Pealy Maghti take a look at how advances in science and technology are shaping the world and the future of sport.

World 400,000 metre long distance champion, Ros Lamb (Sarah Alexander), demonstrates a new drinkable serum that enables her to run up to speeds of 3,500 mph.

Ros faces the Look Around You challenge - can she run from BBC Television Centre in London to BBC Scotland's studios in Aberdeen, a distance of 524 miles, in under five minutes?

The team finds out about the late Sebastian Jackson, the world's most famous football designer, who made several clones of himself before he died.

They are joined by two of his clones, Provastian and Ninastian Jackson (Andrew Burt), who introduce their latest range of footballs, including the 'meatball' made from scraps of meat.

Invention of the Week is a horse-race predicting computer, designed by Championess - a horse!

Finally, the team takes a trip to America to find out about the latest new sport - a combination of golf and tennis, Gonnis.

Look Around You Happy Birthday Pam! Look Around You presenters Jack Morgan (Robert Popper), Pearly Maghti (Josie D'Arby), Peter Packard (Peter Serafinowicz) and Pam Batchelor (Olivia Coleman)

Episode four - Food

Peter Packard, Jack Morgan, Pam Bachelor and Pealy Maghti take a look at how advances in science and technology are affecting the food we eat.

The team meets Slimmer of the Year Andy Gough (Ross Lee), a man who lost 52 stone in just six weeks thanks to controversial slimming powder Slimby.

They also visit Foodex, the food industry's annual exhibition, and unveil some of the latest hi-tech food devices.

The world's only vegetable orchestra (featuring a pea soloist that doubles up as both a flautist and bassoon player) gives a performance live in the studio, conducted by Teddy Clarke (John Owens).

The Look Around You special report focuses on the growth of fast food casserole restaurants, and the team step into the world's only computer-run casserole cafe, Big C.

Owner Clive Pounds (Paul Putner) gives a guided tour of his restaurant, where the menu features four types of casserole - beef, chicken, ham and porcupine.

And finally, Pam celebrates her birthday and the gang throws a futuristic party for her and introduces a very, very special surprise party guest…

Episode five - Computers

Peter Packard, Jack Morgan, Pam Bachelor and Pealy Maghti take a look at the very latest in computer technology.

The team is joined by a computer expert, a man who loves computers so much he changed his name to Computer Jones (Paul Jerricho).

Computer Jones introduces Britain's most powerful computer, Bournemouth. Can Bournemouth pass the Look Around You challenge and escape from a reinforced steel cage before the end of the programme?

The team unveils the world's first computer for women, the Petticoat 5 (with tissue dispenser and emery board space bar) and meets its inventor, Patricia (Belinda Stewart-Wilson).

Pam tests out the Invention of the Week, the Memory Helmet, by trying to remember all of Shakespeare's plays in 30 seconds.

The Look Around You team pays a visit to Britain's leading computer game shop - Grithiffths Game Megamart.

Managing director Lee Grithiffths (Alex Lowe) demonstrates some of the latest hi-tech games including Horsefighter, Window Cleaner and current best-seller, Diarrhoea Dan.

The latest in computer bathroom technology comes under the microscope with the Computashave and Jack gets a new beard fired onto his face using the device's laser.

Episode six - Live final

It's the final episode and the team is broadcasting live from BBC Television Centre in Shepherd's Bush, London.

The highlight of the live final is the Look Around You Invention of the Year final.

Six inventors are in the studio hoping to walk away with the magnificent trophy.

The team meets all the proud finalists once again, including this week's contestants Pat Taylor (David Mitchell) and Sam Macnamara (Ryan Cartwright), inventors of the sex change machine.

The device is capable of changing your sex within minutes, and the team put it to the test live on the show.

Jack and Pealy are outside BBC Television Centre eagerly awaiting the arrival of HRH Sir Prince Charles who will be announcing the winner of the competition and awarding the prize.

With an excited live studio audience, a nervous group of contestants and one rather difficult and unpredictable guest - inventor Leonard Hatred (Mark Heap) - the Look Around You team is hoping desperately that everything will go alright on the night. But will that be asking too much...?

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