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24 September 2014
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BBC ONE Winter - Factual
Genghis Khan played by Orgil Makhaan

BBC ONE - Winter highlights 2005


Genghis Khan

Strike first and always take revenge. From the murder of his father, the kidnap and rape of his wife, and the execution of his closest friend, Genghis Khan learnt the lessons of life the hard way.

He grew up in poverty in Mongolia, but how did this outcast come to be the great Khan?

Today the name of Genghis Khan is synonymous with dark evil, yet in his lifetime he was a heroic figure, a supreme strategist capable of eliciting total devotion from his warriors.

But how did he conquer an empire larger than the Roman Empire? Was Genghis Khan the brutal, womanising, medieval monster who ruthlessly slaughtered millions in his quest for power, or was he a brilliant visionary who transformed a rabble of warring tribes into a nation capable of world domination?

Filmed entirely on location in Mongolia and using the CGI software used in The Lord Of The Rings, this film tells the truth behind the legend that is Genghis Khan.


Smart Spenders

Larger-than-life thrift expert, journalist and author, Jane Furnival, aims to create smart spenders out of frivolous families.

Households trapped in a cash crisis are put to the test as Jane challenges them to thrift their way to a happier life.

She's tough and means business but can those with a lifetime in the red be converted and how will they cope with the TV thrift doctor's tactics of rummaging in their rubbish and spying on their shopping habits?

Smart Spenders looks at how the nation spends its money and shares the secret of financial transformation without having to move house or take out yet another loan.



Supervolcano is a true story - it just hasn't happened yet…

Set in the near future, this factually-based drama charts the possible consequences of one of nature's most cataclysmic events.

Using specially commissioned research from several major scientific bodies, studies of previous supervolcanic eruptions and predictions drawn from a range of scientific disciplines, Supervolcano details what could happen if Yellowstone were to erupt again.

Unlike ordinary volcanoes, supervolcanoes are not obvious from the surface. Yet when they do erupt they do so with a force thousands of times greater than eruptions such as that at Mount Vesuvius.

Although there are several supervolcano sites around the world, only the one beneath the Yellowstone National Park in the US is currently active.

Satellite photography of the mouth of the volcano has shown that it is huge, and could easily swallow Tokyo, the largest city in the world.

And with the land around Yellowstone regularly swelling and subsiding in response to the shifting levels of magma, volcanologists believe that it is only a matter of time before the molten magma contained within the chamber will burst out.

Supervolcano is accompanied by The Science Behind Supervolcano - a two part documentary exploring the cutting-edge scientific research that informs Supervolcano, and introducing the experts who monitor the behaviour of supervolcanoes around the world, and who face the awesome responsibility of both predicting when the next super-eruption might take place, and advising on what is likely to happen when it does.


People Power

A programme that explores what motivates everyday people to stop watching the news and start making it, People Power follows those who were not habitual political activists but who became so frustrated about a cause they become involved in a protest movement.

From the poll tax riots to fuel protests, from demonstrations against the transportation of live animals to the fight for fathers' rights, the programme examines four major protests over the past 15 years.

Featuring evocative images that have stayed in the imagination long after the event, People Power meets the people behind the causes.


Journey Of Life

From the humblest beginnings to the domination of a planet, Steve Leonard journeys through the vast history of life to discover how the extraordinary variety of animals and plants on Earth today came into being.

The crucial moments in evolution are brought to life on screen for the first time as Steve learns how we're related to all 30 million species on Earth.

In his quest to piece together this four-billion-year old story, Steve flies with pterosaurs, becomes bait for sharks and climbs the tallest trees in the world.

The journey also brings encounters with slimy hagfish, sex-crazed elk and the biggest congregation of blue whales on the planet.


Grandchild Of The Holocaust (previously known as Descendants Of The Holocaust)

Adrian is 13. This is his journey as he discovers the truth of what happened to Rene, his grandmother, during her four-year incarceration in Auschwitz and Belsen.

Adrian has always been told by his family that he must wait until he's older to have his questions about his grandmother's Holocaust experiences answered.

But now his family have agreed that he is old enough to find out more.

Rene travels with him back to the scenes of her imprisonment for the first time since her liberation to show him first-hand the reality of life under Nazi rule.

The programme is also a watershed for 75-year-old Rene. Even though the man she eventually married was one of the Army volunteers who liberated her from Belsen, she has never before spoken about her experiences to him or any of her family.


The Adventures Of Robert Louis Stevenson

The world-famous author behind the BBC's forthcoming children's drama series Kidnapped led a real life of international intrigue and escapades.

Now a new documentary, to accompany the drama series, reveals the life of high adventure led by Scots author Robert Louis Stevenson, which informed his classic works such as Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde.

The film ranges from his sickly childhood in Edinburgh to his travels as an adult to Europe, California and most notably Samoa in the South Pacific, where he took part in the civil war and later died at the age of 44.


The Iceman Murder (previously known as Otzi - The Iceman Murder)

In 1991 two walkers in the Alps discovered a perfectly preserved body. It was not a climber, but the corpse of a 5,300-year-old man, along with clothes, weapons, tools and possessions.

He is called Otzi and has given scientists a vital set of clues to life in Neolithic times, including lifestyle, diet and social structure.

Otzi is the most remarkable archaeological find of the 20th century and is also the world's oldest unsolved murder victim.

This documentary special uses hi-tech scientific research, forensic investigative methods and multiple-storyline dramatic reconstruction.

The film builds a picture of Otzi's world, follows a scientifically accurate autopsy and re-enacts the different scenarios of the final moments of his life.


The Waltz King

Soprano Lesley Garrett presents a drama-documentary that recreates the atmosphere of the 19th century waltz in all its glory.

Breaking all the rules of public dancing, the waltz scandalised polite society with its racy rhythms, generating a social revolution along the way.

Never before had ladies been able to dance with any gentleman who asked them and hold each other so close!

In the 19th century, Vienna became known as the waltzing capital of the world and, of all of the great composers who lived there at this time, father and son composers Johann Strauss Senior and Johann Strauss Junior far outshone the others for sheer popularity.

The stars in their day, they earned reputations as the greatest living composers of dance music and, despite being fierce rivals in their private life, they shared the public title of The Waltz King.

With dancing filmed in a raucous smoke-filled ballroom at Vienna's Hofburg Palace, accompanied by sensuous and intoxicating music performed on authentic period instruments by the Vienna's Wiener Akademie, The Waltz King takes the viewer on a journey back in time to where waltzing quickly turned into a craze.


Child Of Our Time Sir Robert Winston with children

Child Of Our Time

Are four-year-old children aware of social class? Do they have a sense of ethnicity, nationality or gender?

In the latest instalment of Child Of Our Time - the fascinating journey through the first 20 years of life - Professor Robert Winston answers these questions about identity as well as inviting viewers to press the red button and take part in a number of tests to find out how good a parent they think they would make.

And with the Millennium children participating in the series all now starting school, the programmes also examine the extent to which their experiences of the first five years of life will impact on their school careers; how children perceive the role of the father; how they use their leisure time; and how many hours they spend in front of a television.


Big Cat Week

Following on from last year's hugely successful Big Cat Week, the expert team return to Africa's beautiful plains to bring viewers another feline feast, as they follow the incredible true-life adventures of wild lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Simon King, Jonathan Scott and Saba Douglas-Hamilton give a week of reports following the progress of three families of big cats, watching the drama unfold.

The Marsh Pride struggles to rise again after losing its leading male; two cubs from the neighbouring Ridge Pride provide comedy and drama pussyfooting with the local crocs; and Kike the cheetah's cubs are hunting as a team but still have many lessons to learn about their neighbouring baboons.



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