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24 September 2014
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Lacey Turner as Stacey Slater

New Slater to join EastEnders

The Slater family are to welcome a new feisty female to the fold.

Sixteen-year-old actress Lacey Turner has been cast to play Stacey Slater, Charlie's great-niece and cousin to Kat, Lynne, Belinda, Mo and Zoe.

She looks like a Slater and shares the same family attitude but with one difference - Stacey is one hell of a bitch!

Stacey turns up at the Slater household unannounced and informs the family that she needs a place to stay since her Mum has been, "shipped off to the funny farm".

She obviously has her Great Uncle Charlie wrapped around her little finger, but the rest of the family are not convinced by her forlorn act and are immediately suspicious of her intentions.

They agree to let her stay and when Zoe finds out she is not amused.

The family is on their way out so they put Garry in charge of her and within minutes of them leaving she makes a pass at him which leaves him gobsmacked. She is going to be trouble!

Lacey said: "I'm not like Stacey at all although I love playing her! She's a real challenge because she puts on this big act of being fiery and a trouble maker but really it's all a front and underneath she's very vulnerable.

"I think people are going to love to hate her like they did with Janine."

Lacey goes onto say: "I was speechless when I found out that I had been cast as Stacey Slater especially as I knew I would be working with Jessie Wallace who is my favourite actress.

"I've watched the show since I was about four years old, and I used to live in a house that backed onto the EastEnders set so I used to watch them filming all the time.

"I always dreamt of being on the show and so I can't believe that I've fulfilled my greatest ambition!"

Lacey lives in London with her parents and her two sisters. She attended drama school and has experience of working in both theatre and television.




Category: EastEnders

Date: 26.09.2004
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