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24 September 2014
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BBC THREE Autumn - Factual
Jonathan Ross as you've never seen him before in 1-2 FU

BBC THREE - Autumn highlights 2004


The Body Of...

Marilyn Monroe, Adolf Hitler and John F Kennedy are huge personalities from the 20th century whose life stories seem to have been explored from every conceivable angle.

But BBC THREE's The Body Of... offers a fresh perspective on the lives of these figures who towered over the last century through an examination of their physical bodies.

Using CGI technology and recreating them physically the programmes will show these familiar figures developing from birth to death and will use their changing bodies to tell their life stories.

The series will examine their illnesses, wounds, defects, brains, diets, physical beauty and drug intake in detail to explore what influence and impact they had on their lives, bodies and minds.

Each programme will be based entirely on medical records and photographs with experts adding their theories, anecdotes and remembrances.

A Tiger Aspect Production.

Factual Publicity

Guerrilla Homes

With house prices continuing to soar across the UK, architectural designer Charlie Luxton looks at ingenious ways of solving the nationwide crisis in affordable housing.

Written and presented by Charlie, Guerrilla Homes is a passionate and provocative look at ways to get cheaper homes.

Accompanied by a converted shipping container that has been adapted into a stylish home, Charlie travels to various locations around the country to explore spaces which could potentially be used for new housing developments - everything from wastelands to rooftops.

Used in cutting edge design and architecture as cheap and flexible alternatives to conventional housing, shipping containers are just one example of how low-cost and low-impact building can help first time buyers get a foot on the property ladder.

Charlie explores the options and finds out if a converted shipping container can ever really be called home.


Blood On The Turntable

Blood On The Turntable tells three incredible stories of battles in the music business that would influence the industry for decades to come.

The series charts the in-fighting, legal wrangles and scandal that engulfed the short, but hugely influential, musical lives of The Sex Pistols and The Stone Roses and the turmoil and power struggles behind the musical movement that brought the biggest selling sound of the Nineties - hip hop.

John Lydon and Malcolm McLaren in rare interviews give their accounts of their famous 1986 Sex Pistols court battle.

In Hip Hop Wars we hear the story of sex, violence and censorship: a hip hop record was outlawed, police officers enraged and the President of the United States declared himself disgusted.

The War of the Roses recounts The Stone Roses' tale of greed, naivety and deep-seated personal hatred.

The film revolves around the svengali like character of The Roses' manager, Gareth Evans - a former hairdresser and gold bullion dealer.

In the music business, artists and managers have two simple objectives. To create records that people love, and to make as much money as possible.


But this simple rule can often go disastrously wrong. And when it does, there's Blood On The Turntable.


For Better For Worse

BBC THREE gatecrashes nine couples' weddings. Two sex starved Christians, a pair of angry lesbians and a cheating love rat all appear in these alternative fairytale wedding stories.

There are tantrums and tears, deception and drunkenness as the couples declare 'for better or worse'.

A soldier who planned his wedding with military precision still arrives at the church after his bride, and a teenage son tries to sabotage his mother's wedding.

There are heart warming moments along with some hairy scenes as the eight couples prepare to walk up the aisle.

Two single parents get together and a Blackpool couple are truly, madly, deeply deserving of wedded bliss.

Find out if they and the other couples end up happily ever after.


1-2 FU

Jonathan Ross presents the 'Memoirs of a Middle-Aged Punk' in this authored documentary charting the rise and demise of the most nihilistic movement in the history of British music.

Jonathan delivers a fast and furious rant confessing his passion for punk and the lasting effect it's had on everything, from music and fashion to art and television.

As a forty-something whose life has been defined by punk and all the anarchy it stood for, Jonathan sets out to discover if punk really changed the world or was it all overblown hype?

To fully explore the legacy of punk, Jonathan gets a Mohican and grabs Captain Sensible to join him as he transports an open-top bus full of punks on a tour around London's most notorious punk hotspots.

Finally, it's Jonathan Ross as you've never seen him before when he fulfils his ultimate punk fantasy performing with Vic Reeves as The Fat Punks for one night only.

A Hot Sauce TV Production for BBC THREE.




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