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29 October 2014
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Shoebox Zoo
Peter Mullan and Vivien Endicott-Douglas as The Great Wizard and Marnie

Shoebox Zoo

Introduction - the magic that is Shoebox Zoo

Take a dash of Toy Story, a pinch of the magic and mystery of the Lord of the Rings, and mix with the wonder of The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe and you are some way to understanding the ingredients which make up the new family drama Shoebox Zoo.

The CBBC Scotland, Blueprint Entertainment and Alberta Filmworks co-production hits British television screens this autumn.

The 13-part series, filmed in Scotland, boasts big name actors such as Peter Mullan, Jason Connery and Alan Cumming, and introduces talented young Canadian actress Vivien Endicott-Douglas in the lead role of Marnie McBride.

Fusing state-of-the-art CGI (computer generated imagery) animation with classic family drama, the look and feel of the series is quite unlike any other series seen on British television.

Viewers will fall under the spell of young Marnie McBride and the tiny carved animals of the Shoebox Zoo as they set off on an epic adventure to discover the lost Book of Forbidden Knowledge.

The story begins when young Marnie McBride is uprooted from her home in Denver, Colorado, and relocated to the cobbled streets of Edinburgh with her father (Jason Connery), while struggling to cope with the recent death of her mother.

But it's on her 11th birthday that her life takes a dramatic turn of events and she is led into an old junk shop and handed a dusty, dog-eared shoebox.

Within the shoebox lie four beautifully carved animals who spring to life at her command.

The disguised owner of the shop who presents Marnie with this birthday gift is The Great Michael Scot (Peter Mullan), a wizard who lived in the Borders of Scotland nearly 11 centuries ago.

His power is on the wane and he's desperate to find a successor, The Chosen One.

From that point on Marnie and her new found friends - Ailsa the sly adder (Siobhan Redmond), Bruno the kind hearted bear (Alan Cumming), Edwin the pompous eagle (Rik Mayall) and wily Wolfgang the wolf (Simon Callow) embark on an adventure in search of the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, lost over a thousand years ago in the Scottish Borders.

Viewers will be taken on a roller coaster ride full of adventure, magic and mystery, from the historic streets of Edinburgh, through the lush countryside of the Scottish Borders and over to North America where forgotten magic from Scotland's past collides with a modern continent and the spiritual traditions of the Lakota tribe of Native Americans.

A big challenge to ask of young Marnie McBride, but even if she accepts the mammoth task ahead of her, she still may not be The Chosen One who can complete the quest and return the long lost book.

Transmission details

Shoebox Zoo can be seen on The CBBC Channel from Monday 20 September at 6.30pm.

The following episodes will be shown every weekday on The CBBC Channel at 6.30pm (episodes one to five will be on The CBBC Channel from 20 to 24 September; episodes six to ten, from Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October; and the final three episodes from Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 October).

Shoebox Zoo can be seen on BBC ONE from Tuesday 21 September at 4.35pm.

The following episodes will be shown weekly each Tuesday at 4.35pm (episode two will be on BBC ONE on Tuesday 28 September, episode three on Tuesday 5 October and so on).

Shoebox Zoo is repeated on Sundays on BBC ONE at 4.30pm (the episode shown on BBC ONE on a Tuesday at 4.35pm is repeated the following Sunday on BBC ONE at 4.30pm).



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