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24 September 2014
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Cutting It
Ben Daniels is Finn Bevan

Cutting It is back on BBC ONE

Ben Daniels is Finn Bevan

A desperate man will take desperate measures in order to keep the woman and the baby he loves.

Finn Bevan is that desperate man and he finds that secrets and lies have a way of revealing themselves when you least expect them to.

"Finn is desperate to keep the woman that he loves and Allie is the only woman that he has ever really wanted to have a baby with. And it's so awful that the baby is not his," says Ben Daniels, who plays troubled businessman Finn Bevan.

"He organises everything around that but he over-organises and over-compensates because the baby isn't his.

"Everything that he does in this series - the mistakes he makes, the avenues he goes down - are all to do with the fact that he is not the father of this baby. And the very surprising thing that happens is that he falls in love with it. It's just so dreadful for him!

"Finn is so desperate that the secret (about his vasectomy) doesn't come out that there is a fallout between him and Eugene (Pearce Quigley). Eugene knows the truth and he feels Finn should tell Allie!"

A real natural around babies, Ben took to on-screen fatherhood like a duck to water, much like the character he plays.

"Finn is a brilliant parent and a fantastic father. Much better than Allie," Ben reveals. "He takes care of the baby when she can't and he copes with meals, all the time knowing that Allie is in love with Gavin.

"I love kids. I really enjoyed having them around on set. It was good fun," explains the 39-old-year actor.

"It was tough though to have something who isn't acting with you in a scene, who has no concept of what you're trying to do, wriggling right next to your face in the middle of an intense emotional scene! It was difficult keeping things going when you thought constantly - is it going to cry?

"Babies were quite well-behaved with the exception of the farting and burping babies," laughs Ben. "This was the funniest thing to happen on set, particularly in the middle of a scene! I love kids, they make me laugh!" he says affectionately.

The Olivier award-winning actor, who is normally unfazed by public attention, is having to get used to it.

"I really felt like public property this time round which I don't really like at all. There was a phone with a camera peeping though vegetables while I was out shopping a few weeks ago," he recalls with irritated amusement.

"There were no Sex And The City nights with the girls this year because it was on far too late. We had a couple of Footballers' Wives nights instead but we just talked all the way through it and drank.

"After filming, I'm off to India for the first time," Ben says excitedly. "It's an early 40th birthday present.

"In a few weeks time I'll be in a play at the National entitled Iphigenia by Euripides written in 400 BC. I love doing theatre - it's tough and keeps you on your toes as an actor. I think it's really hard to do a show every night and keep it alive but it's a real challenge."

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