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24 September 2014
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London man who helped Bin Laden justifies the killing of Tony Blair, the Radio Five Live Report reveals

Category : Five Live
Date : 07.03.2004
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A Saudi extremist who helped Osama Bin Laden open a UK office in the mid-Nineties and now claims it is legitimate for Muslims to assassinate the Prime Minister resides in the UK with indefinite leave to remain, a report on Radio Five Live (Sunday 7 March, 11.00am) reveals.


Speaking about whether British troops and the Prime Minister were proper targets according to his interpretation of Islamic law, Dr Mohammed Al Massari - who lives in Wembley, North London - told reporter Navid Akhtar:


"British soldiers are reasonable targets for Iraqis and those joining the camp of the Iraqis. [The Prime Minister] is not a non combatant. He is Tony Blair the commander of the army.


"All British targets are a legitimate target, yes."


Would Tony Blair be a legitimate target?


"Yeah if he joined the Jihad there, yeah."


If Tony Blair went to Iraq it would be appropriate to assassinate him?


"He is the commander-in-chief. He is the head of the UK Government which is involved in a war against the Iraqi people, he is the head of the army."


So could someone go to Iraq, renounce his citizenship and then come back here and assassinate Tony Blair?


"It is a possibility. He may choose to do that."


And that is legitimate?


"What's the difference between killing Tony Blair here in London or killing him in China or killing him in Iraq?


"If it is legitimate to kill him in Iraq it can be legitimate to kill him in Britain. What's the difference?"


After interviewing Al Massari Five Live Report approached the Home Office which provided the following statement:


"The Home Office will not comment on individual cases. This is an operational matter for the police.


"Anyone breaking the law whether under the powers of the Anti -Terrorism Act, the Race Relations Act or the Public Order Act will be prosecuted.


"Under section 59 of the Anti Terrorism Act it is against the law to incite a terrorist act abroad. The maximum penalty is ten years in jail."


Al Massari fled Saudi Arabia for London after attacking the ruling House of Saud for corruption and falling away from what he holds to be true Islam.


Massari, who runs the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights (CDLR), uses his website to justify violent attacks.


He legitimises assassinating President George W Bush and Tony Blair, argues that the death of civilians in terror attacks in Iraq is "collateral damage and a necessity of war", and calls for attacks on coalition forces and "apostate" Muslims who help them in Iraq and Afghanistan.


In the wake of 9/11 Al Massari confirmed he had helped Osama Bin Laden establish an office in London in 1994.


In December 2001 he told the Five Live Report: "They came and said we want to do political work, we want to have an office like you. We said you're welcome.


"Can you give us help? Absolutely. And within one week they were up and running so he [Osama Bin Laden] gave a phone call to thank for the support."


The Five Live Report asked Al Massari why he had helped Bin Laden.


He responded: "It's the same cause. It's the same ideas."

Asked whether he would help him again Al Massari replied: "Yeah, if we can help anything, why not?"


Notes to Editors


For further information on the programme, tapes or transcripts please call please call the Radio Five Live publicity office.



Category : Five Live
Date : 07.03.2004
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