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24 September 2014
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Pulling Moves
Pulling Moves

Pulling Moves



Belfast slang glossary

Catch yerself on - stop talking nonsense


Craic (pronounced "crack")- various meanings including the score, the story, the information, news, fun


We're elected - everything is going as planned


My bangers went - I lost my nerve


Hallion - a person you dislike yet can't help secretly admiring


Strap - credit

Half gate - half of the agreed transaction fee

Scone - head


Barrack buster - a three litre bottle of cider


A bowler hat - a rat


Keep her lit - keep your energy levels up. Also used as general words of encouragement


Gilt edge - that is very good indeed

Wee buns - that's very easy

Calm your jets - there is really no reason to become stressed about this

You're doing my box in - I find you very annoying and I also resent the fact that you are attempting to play psychological games with me


Suck the back of them - you are talking nonsense and I am not going to do what you suggest


All day long - general affirmation (eg certainly, yes, always or a lot)


She hugs the altar rails - she is very religious


You'd eat the balls off a skunk - you have a voracious appetite


The only flies on me pay rent - I'm not as stupid as you think I am


Away on - I'm not going to do that or I don't believe you


On the tear - out for the evening determined to have fun and to drink lots of alcohol


Relax your cacks - there is no need to get stressed

Stall the ball - wait a moment

I'd hate to send yous to get a loaf of bread - you took a very long time


Header - someone with a volatile and possibly psychopathic personality

Am I some pup or what - I'm feeling very pleased with myself

Windy - window

Childer - children

Sliding - sneaking away

Pluck - stolen goods or freely obtained goods

Pasty bap - burger bun containing a burger cooked in batter

Wind your neck in - don't get upset when you've no real reason to be upset

Sin e - Irish for 'that's it'

You're a quare boy - you are some boy; aren't you great?

My balls are beef - I'm in deep trouble

Walthead / Bullroot - dickhead

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