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29 October 2014
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The Divine Michelangelo - press pack

BBC ONE brings you the story of art's first superstar

Stephen Noonan plays Michelangelo To produce one of the world's great masterpieces is impressive.

To create three is truly astonishing - but this is exactly what Michelangelo did five hundred years ago.

With his own hands he designed and created the most famous sculpture in the world - the David; the most awe-inspiring painting - the ceiling of the Sistine chapel; and one of the world's greatest buildings - the dome of St Peter's, the jewel in the crown of the Roman skyline.

In the year that the David celebrates its 500th anniversary, BBC ONE brings to life the story of one of the most gifted, and tempestuous, artists in history.

From a traumatic childhood, Michelangelo rose to the heady heights of artistic genius as sculptor, painter, architect and poet.

His work is on such a scale, of such awesome power and breathtaking beauty, that for centuries people couldn't believe it was created by a mortal.

Michelangelo's extraordinary life spanned almost 90 years from 1475 to 1564.

He was a complex character: at times bad-tempered and paranoid, at others generous and affectionate.

His passion for art, for beauty and for God was his driving force throughout his life.

In this two-part series - beginning on Sunday 29 February at 7.00pm on BBC ONE - leading art historians debunk the many myths surrounding the artist's extraordinary life and modern-day artists attempt to recreate elements of Michelangelo's most iconic works - from tackling fresco technique through to carving a replica of the David.

This is combined with dramatic reconstructions of Michelangelo's life based on his actual words.

Filmed in Rome and Florence, with Shakespearean actor Stephen Noonan playing the artist, the series explores how Michelangelo emerged as the true embodiment of the renaissance, allegedly divinely inspired.

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