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29 October 2014
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The Afternoon Plays on BBC Daytime

Robson Green, Tina Hobley, Michael French, Paula Wilcox and Jamie Theakston are some of the big names who star in a week-long series of new Afternoon Plays on BBC ONE Daytime.

The executive producers are Serena Cullen and Mal Young, the producer is Will Trotter and the series editor is Peter Lloyd.

Monday 26 January 2004

Venus and Mars by Johanna Baldwin
Directed by Nick Jones

Tina Hobley as Grace and Robson Green as OliverOliver and Grace have been friends for years. Everyone wonders why they've never been a couple and, suddenly, so do they.

After a passionate weekend in the country, they attempt to go back to their 'normal' lives, but Oliver's new fiancée has her own agenda and it's not long before both Oliver and Grace are forced to make life changing decisions.

A sparky, witty story of love and friendship and learning to tell the difference.


Oliver Barrett Robson Green
Grace Leigh Tina Hobley
Peter Hamilton Patrick Baladi
Aimie Hammond Helen Latham
Alex James Buller
Janine Karen Asemper
Greta Martin Lisa Shingler
Male Stranger Jason Milligan
Concierge Rob Swinton
Guy Getting A Drink Jeff Alexander
Female 1 Itasha James
Female 2 Zoe Tyler
Male 1 Sean Connolly
Male 2 Jonathan Owen
Stripper Sarah Horner

Tuesday 27 January

Sons, Daughters and Lovers by Matthew Parkhill
Directed by Matthew Parkhill

Divorcee Hardy finds love with Kate, whilst his son Ben falls for older woman Anna. Trouble is, Anna is Kate's mother.

The irony is that Hardy and Anna are made for each other, as are Ben and Kate.

A screwball love story about adults behaving like kids and kids like adults, about parents and their offspring learning to understand each other. Eventually.


Hardy Rose Michael French
Ben Rose Liam Garrigan
Anna Sullivan Caroline Langrishe
Kate Antonia Bernath
Walter Kwame Kwei-Armeh
Zoo Keeper Tom Roberts
Supervisor Andrew Cullum
Amanda Beejaye Joseph
Lecturer 1 Kim Durham
Lecturer 2 Wendy Leavesley
Receptionist Samuel Anderson

Thursday 29 January

Drive by Pete Lawson
Directed by John Greening

Kaye Wragg as Julie Singleton and Jonathan Kerrigan as Richard MarshallJulie is a 29-year-old temp with a steady boyfriend, but no direction.

When she gets a contract at Parnell Motors, she gets a new lease of life. Suddenly she's selling cars, competing with the men, making changes and impressing the boss.

But how many compromises must she make to reach the top, and does she really want to? A 'Working Girl' story of ambition and sacrifice.


Julie Singleton Kaye Wragg
Steve Jamie Theakston
Enid Jean Alexander
Marcia Eugene Holder
Digger Christopher Bisson
Ian Parnell Jonathan Kerrigan
Jerry Parnell Shaun Prendergast
Eric James Bradshaw
Ellie Parsons Carli Norris
Awards Presenter Quentin Willson
Clive Trevor Cooper
Najma Perveen Hussain
Jonny Robert Finan
Malcolm John Voce
Arthur Ray Llewellyn
Jessica Sarah Ball

Friday 30 January

Viva Las Blackpool by Damian Fitzsimmons
Directed by Sarah Lancashire

Paula Wilcox as Kathy, Noreen Kershaw as Mandy and Denise Black as JillKathy's not taking divorce very well. Her ex-husband's new trophy wife is trying to bed best friend Jill's son, her daughter is a law unto herself and Kathy is developing a strange fixation on her dashing local vet.

Meanwhile Jill is hiding a dark secret from the world. And Mandy… well Mandy just needs to be loved. A madcap tale of three middle aged women struggling with love, ageing and flying hamsters!


Kathy Hughes Paula Wilcox
Jill Collins Denise Black
Amanda Jones Noreen Kershaw
Chantelle Sinead Matthews
Bob Collins John McArdle
Paul Collins Andy Jones
MC (Norman) Jim Bowen
Xavier Alexis Conran
Brian Matthew Beard
Jenny Catherine Breeze
Steve McGrath Clive Mantle
Keith John Axon
Mick Bobby Knut

Monday 2 February

Glasgow Dreams by Shan Khan
Directed by Christopher Timothy

Yasmeela and her father Arob live isolated, on a rough Glaswegian council estate.

As Muslims they are avoided and ridiculed, but circumstances bring them into contact with their enigmatic young neighbour Dino.

Despite his institutionalized distrust of 'foreigners' Yasmin and Arob's humour and optimism is infectious and Dino finds both romance and ambition amidst the grime.

A story of hope, determination and humour.


William Dean (Dino) James Young
Arob Khan Rashid Karapiet
Yasmeela Khan Shabana Bakhsh
Zacky Hill David Brown
Skidz Micky Kearney
Julian Gilkes Tim Matthews
Miss Jo Gair Edith Bowman
Sami Asif Kulvinder Ghir
Maw Clare Grogan
Post Office Clerk Nan Kerr
Jameel Renham Hajaz Akram
Babir Renham Gurdial Sira
Receptionist Gail Mackinnon
Marco Jonie Broom

Writers' biographies

Notes to Editors

The schedule of plays in this release was updated on Monday 26 January because there will be no Afternoon Play on Wednesday 28 January. See Publication of The Hutton Report - BBC coverage.

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