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24 September 2014
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Winchester doctor uncovered by Inside Out

An undercover investigation for BBC ONE South's Inside Out programme tonight (6 October) will accuse a doctor of using spurious tests at his clinic near Winchester.

Julian Kenyon, who runs the Dove Clinic in Twyford, is one of the country's leading complementary doctors. But the BBC's Inside Out programme will show him using a machine that has been discredited by his own research.

Dr Kenyon has been using a technique called electrodermal testing for more than twenty years. The idea is that ailments and allergies can be detected by measuring the skin's resistance to a small electric charge.

Two years ago, however, he co-authored a scientific report which concluded that electrodermal machines couldn't detect environmental allergies, like dust mites.

Dr Kenyon must have agreed with the findings because he put his name to the study which was published in the British Medical Journal.

But despite the research, Inside Out claims he is still using electrodermal machines to test for dust mite allergies. Using secret filming, the programme shows Dr Kenyon testing a six-year-old boy and then deciding that he is sensitive to dust mites.

Dr Kenyon insists that he made his diagnosis purely on the boy's symptoms and that he didn't use the machine to test for dust mites.

"The facts are that there is no dust mite sensitivity test on the machine," he tells the programme. "Therefore on his history alone, I made a diagnosis that he probably has a sensitivity to dust mites. It is reasonable for me to treat him because there is no downside to the treatment."

The BBC then took the boy for a conventional skin prick test, which suggested he didn't have any allergies.

But Dr Kenyon says the conventional test may not be accurate: "He may be one of the 10% who actually are negative to the skin tests but benefit from measures to reduce dust mite exposure."

Inside Out can be seen on BBC ONE South on Monday 6 October at 7.30pm.

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