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24 September 2014
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BBC ONE honours the best TV moments from 2002

The best TV moments of 2002 were revealed tonight (Saturday 1 February 2003) in BBC ONE's live award show, 2002 TV Moments.

Jonathan Ross hosted the evening in front of a celebrity audience which included many of the faces that enraged, exasperated and entertained us over the last 12 months.

He also invited viewers to choose, from the winners of the seven categories, their overall Golden Moment of 2002. The vote went to the Best Soap Moment - Kacey Ainsworth's portrayal of Little Mo in EastEnders.

The winners, from across the terrestrial channels, were:

Best Soap Moment was given to Kacey Ainsworth for her portrayal of Little Mo in EastEnders where she tells Trevor what she thinks of him;

Best Sporting Moment went to the British women's curling team for their fantastic victory at the Winter Olympics;

Best Drama Moment was presented to the programme Conspiracy for the moment where Eichmann (Stanley Tucci) and Heydrich (Kenneth Brannagh) outline the plans for the mechanised wholesale slaughter of the Jews;

Best Reality Moment was given to Rhona Cameron for her now famous "Sometimes..." speech in the jungle reality show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here;

Best Entertainment Moment went to Angus Deayton after he became the target on Have I Got News For You, after newspaper revelations about his private life;

Best Factual Moment was presented to the Wildlife Special team for the amazing footage of a 30 foot Python devouring an antelope whole, in the programme Serpent;

Best Comedy Moment went to The Office and was presented to Uwen Macintosh, who plays Keith, for the moment when David Brent tries to complete his employees assessment form.

The winners were decided from viewing panels acrosss the nation and an industry panel of judges.

The winners were picked from the following nominations:

Soap Moment

Programme: EastEnders (BBC)
Description: It's Halloween and Trevor has finally got Mo just where he wants her. He is about to begin abusing her again but Mo has had enough and tells him in no uncertain terms what she thinks about him and their life together.

Programme: EastEnders (BBC)
Description: Steve Owen is trapped with Phil Mitchell's daughter in a burning car. Phil Mitchell rescues his daughter but stands back and does nothing as the car explodes.

Programme: Coronation Street (ITV)
Description: Scheming Richard kills his wife with a shovel at his new development of flats.

Programme: Brookside (Channel 4)
Description: Anthony Murray is being bullied again by Imelda Clough. She chases him into the woods where Anthony finally snaps and fights back. In the melee he pushes her into a pond and in a rage drowns her.

Sporting Moment

Programme: Winter Olympics 2002 - Britains women curling team win gold
Description: The unknown sport of curling grips the nation as the British woman win the gold medal with the very last stone.

Programme: England v Argentina - World Cup 2002
Description: Owen's fouled in the area and England captain, David Beckham, puts the penalty away to set up an historic victory over Argentina.

Programme: Chicago Marathon - Paula Radcliffe smashes the woman's world record
Description: Paula Radcliffe breasts the tape in a world record time to top off a memorable year. Her dominate performance was described by Brendon Foster as the best run he has ever seen.

Programme: Europeans win the Ryder Cup 2002
Description: Paul McGinley's six foot putt on the last green secures an unlikely victory for the European team.

Drama Moment

Programme: Gathering Storm (BBC)
Description: Winston Churchill (Albert Finney) is interrupted by his butler Inches (Ronnie Barker) whilst dictating a letter. Churchill flies off the handle and tells Inches that he is a very rude man to which Inches replies that he is a "silly old bugger".

Programme: Conspiracy: Meeting at Wannsee (BBC)
Description: Eichmann (Stanley Tucci) and Heydrich (Kenneth Branagh) outline the plans for the mechanised wholesale slaughter of the Jews. A plan that in the words of Heydrich would "astonish" Charles Darwin.

Programme: Auf Wiedersehen Pet (BBC)
Description: Oz (Jimmy Nail) and Moxy (Christopher Fairbank) are mucking around on a bike like Butch and the Sundance Kid. Barry (Timothy Spall) points out that the incidence of testicular cancer is far greater in bike riders than any other group. The boys try and dismiss it but then gingerly inspect their crown jewels.

Programme: Bloody Sunday (ITV)
Description: MP Ivan Cooper (James Nesbit) holds a press conference in the aftermath of the Bloody Sunday shootings. Deeply affected he warns the British Government that they will "reap the whirlwind" of their actions.

Reality Moment

Programme: Big Brother 3 (Channel 4)
Description: Sandy makes his escape from the house cheered on by the other housemates.

Programme: Lad's Army (ITV) - 21st Century men experience 1950's National Service
Description: The recruits are on parade in their billet. Two recruits mistakenly stand by the same bed. Sgt Major Nuarkis accuses them of being "poofters" and forces them to lie on the bed together "like lovers".

Programme: I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (ITV)
Description: Rhona Cameron delivers her "sometimes" speech summing up, in her opinion, the relative qualities of her camp mates.

Programme: Pop Idol (ITV)
Description: Will Young unexpectedly beats Gareth Gates and wins Pop Idol.

Entertainment Moment

Programme: Parkinson (BBC)
Description: Robin Williams does his impression of George Bush Senior - "John Wayne with a tight arse".

Programme: What Not To Wear Celebrity Special (BBC)
Description: Trinny and Susannah suggest alternatives to Jeremy Clarkson's wardrobe with very little success. Every suggested outfit is "shot down in flames" by Jeremy causing an exasperated Trinny to ask him why he agreed to appear on the programme.

Programme: Have I Got News For You (BBC)
Description: Angus Deayton hosting the first show back after the newspaper revelations. He intros the show and gets through the first question without a peep from either Hislop or Merton. Suddenly, Hislop pulls out a copy of the News of the World and a session of prolonged but funny haranguing takes place.

Programme: Graham Norton (Channel 4)
Description: Guest Dustin Hoffmann is asked to call a mobile phone specially left in a London Cab equipped with a hidden camera. The unsuspecting passenger who answers can't quite believe who he is speaking to.

Factual Moment

Programme: Wildlife Special: Serpent (BBC)
Description: Extraordinary footage of a giant 30 foot Python devouring a whole antelope. Includes footage taken from inside the throat of the snake to reveal the last moments of this giant reptile's victim.

Programme: Nap Attack (BBC) - The condition of narcolepsy and its sufferers
Description: Widow Margaret, a lifelong sufferer, humorously describes the problems she encounters trying to run meetings for the Narcolepsy Charity when the committee members are all fellow sufferers. Votes are difficult as many members fall asleep half way through proposals and at least three people have to take the minutes to ensure that the entire meeting is covered.

Programme: Panorama - the corruption of racing (BBC)
Description: Reporter Andy Davies confronts top horse trainer Jimmy Fitzgerald in his yard over a letter from bookie Victor Chandler promising a no lose betting account in return for sure fire tips. Fitzgerald reacts angrily as the evidence is presented to him, ripping the letter out of Davies hand and storming off.

Programme: Faking It - Drag Queen (Channel 4) - Spence Bowdler, ex naval officer to Drag Queen
Description: Spence is asked to put on a dress for the first time and has a panic attack asking for the filming to be stopped and walks out. His mentor relates how upset he was by this but finally we see Spence return to try on the dress before rehearsing his show-stopping number All That Jazz.

Comedy Moment

Programme: The Office (BBC)
Description: David Brent (Ricky Gervais) has terrible trouble getting Keith (Ewen MacIntosh) to understand and complete his employees assessment form.

Programme: The Office (BBC)
Description: David Brent (Ricky Gervais) demonstrates his "Flashdance/MC Hammer" fusion dance moves.

Programme: Smack the Pony (Channel 4)
Description: Woman drives into a completely empty car park but after numerous attempts to park the car within a marked bay, she gives up and abandons the car right in the middle before going shopping.

Programme: Phoenix Nights (Channel 4)
Description: Club owner Brian Potter (Peter Kay) is outraged to discover that a bouncy castle he's ordered for a kid's fete was bought from a Dutch Gay Festival and comes attached with a huge inflatable cock and balls. The sellers try to convince him that by draping a tarpaulin over it the kids will think it's a large snake.

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