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24 September 2014
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Time Flyers... history revealed from the air

Scotland only: BBC TWO Scotland, Tuesday 29 October, 7.30pm
Rest of UK: BBC TWO, Thursday 31 October, 7.30pm
Series of six

Time Flyers takes a fresh and original perspective on some of the most famous and important archeological sites of Britain.

Unlike other popular programmes on archeology, this series reveals Britain's history from above.

Using the latest techniques of aerial archaelogy combined with dig excavations on the ground, the Time Flyers team of three intrepid archeologists investigate exciting mysteries that have baffled researchers for decades.

Even where there are no longer physical remains, outlines of what was once there are often seen through spectacular crop marks and scars on the landscape.

Using these, the team from Time Flyers each week identify a historical site which can only be revealed from the air, and explore the essential mystery at the heart of each subject.

The three presenters making up the Time Flyers team are Mark Horton, head of archaeology at Bristol University; Jo Caruth, a dig archaeologist with Suffolk County Council; and Dave MacLeod, an aerial archaeologist with English Heritage.

Not only do they have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, they also posses a formidable store of knowledge which they draw on to tackle the various mysteries.

Each of the stories focuses on an archaeological site that has either been discovered or re-interpreted through aerial archaeology.

This unique aerial perspective from a helicopter is combined with a dig site on the ground.

The sites chosen are important and large-scale, always interesting and bold.

Most importantly, at the heart of each programme is a historical mystery that the Time Flyers team set out to solve.

These famous sites cover the length and breadth of the UK: from the extraordinary Neolithic monuments around Stonehenge to the Roman Empire's very first frontier (in Scotland); from Offa's Dyke on the Welsh borders to a medieval village in Somerset that was finished off by the Black Death.

With breath-taking photography, Time Flyers brings alive the rich and violent history of our past.

The landscape of the British Isles is one of the most diverse in the world.

Imprinted on the wild mountains, coasts and moorlands is a rich history, visible not just in the buildings but in the shape of the landscape itself.

From prehistoric monuments to the vast modern motorways which sweep across the land, Britain is marked indelibly by the works of man. Nowhere is this better seen than from the air.

Notes to Editors

Time Flyers is a BBC Scotland production for BBC TWO. The series producer is Andrew Thompson.

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