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Trust launches impartiality review of BBC coverage of the 'Arab Spring' 26.10.11
BBC and S4C agree future S4C governance 25.10.11
Trust publishes BBC's allocation of funding for S4C for 2015/16 and 2016/17 24.10.11
A BBC focused on quality, efficiency and distinctiveness – Trust launches public consultation on proposals for the BBC of the future 06.10.11
BBC science coverage given "vote of confidence" by independent report 20.07.11
Lord Patten publishes review of BBC governance 19.07.11
BBC Trust publishes results of project to test BBC's complaints handling 14.07.11
Trust: BBC World Service to benefit from additional funding 22.06.11
Trust finds it 'more likely than not' that certain footage in Panorama programme on Primark was not authentic 16.06.11
Trust launches review of BBC News Channel and BBC Parliament 24.05.11
BBC Trust launches service review of Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra 20.04.11
Appeal on Panorama: Death In The Med 19.04.11
BBC Trust appoints Lord Patten as Chairman and Diane Coyle as Vice-Chairman 07.04.11
BBC Trust publishes NAO report on the BBC's management of the costs of producing continuing drama 22.03.11
BBC's processes for management of sports rights are fit for purpose, independent report finds 01.03.11
Much-loved BBC Radios 3, 4, and 7 should extend appeal while remaining distinctive, Trust review finds 08.02.11
BBC Trust publishes NAO report on the BBC's management of its Digital Media Initiative 01.02.11
The BBC needs to improve relationships with online independent suppliers, Trust review finds 28.01.11
World Service changes 26.01.11
Trust approves new online strategy for the BBC 24.01.11
BBC Trust confirms programme of service reviews for 2011 17.01.11
Trust gives provisional views on syndication of on-demand BBC programmes 12.01.11
BBC Trust and S4C Authority sign renewed partnership agreement 11.01.11
Trust approves BBC ALBA carriage on Freeview 21.12.10
BBC Trust publish final conclusions of the BBC Strategy Review 14.12.10
Trust: BBC Films performing well but should increase awareness among licence fee payers 01.12.10
Trust review of Red Button finds service has high reach but should look to tighten focus and reduce costs 11.11.10
BBC One, Two and Four performing well but audiences want even more distinctive programmes, Trust review finds 08.11.10
BBC Trust: Trust review finds "cultural shift" in BBC commissioning behaviour 04.11.10
BBC Trust: statement on the BBC licence fee settlement 20.10.10
Trust review of BBC Editorial Guidelines underlines commitment to high standards 12.10.10
Trust launches review of BBC radio services in the devolved nations 11.10.10
BBC Trust Statement on NAO access 22.09.10
Licence fee to be frozen for two years to 2013 16.09.10
Chairman of the BBC Trust's letter to Secretary of State 14.09.10
BBC to increase competition in radio commissioning following Trust review 25.08.10
Trust finds coverage of the devolved nations significantly improved 29.07.10
Trust concludes Public Value Test not required for mobile apps 23.07.10
BBC Trust sets out initial conclusions on future direction of the BBC 05.07.10
Trust approves Project Canvas 25.06.10
BBC Trust launches review of BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7 03.06.10
BBC One goes high definition 28.05.10
Trust issues revised service licences 18.05.10
Trust publishes outcome of SNP/Plaid Cymru appeal relating to the BBC Prime Ministerial debate 22.04.10
BBC Trust workplan for 2010/2011 published 08.04.10
Independent review finds 'significant cultural changes' in BBC Radio editorial compliance 30.03.10
Trust completes BESA fair trading appeal process 25.03.10
Trust names lead author for review of impartiality in the BBC's coverage of science 25.03.10
Trust to review Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7, and nations & local radio 11.03.10
Trust publishes proposed strategy for re-shaping the BBC 02.03.10
Chairman's statement on BBC strategic review 26.02.10
Trust publishes NAO report on the BBC's management of three major estates projects 25.02.10
Trust publishes review of BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music 15.02.10
Trust publishes NAO report on the BBC's management of its coverage of major sporting and music events 28.01.10
BBC Trust to review impartiality in science coverage 06.01.10
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