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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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EastEnders to broadcast every night for one week 27.10.11
EastEnders: E20 series three exceeds 1.2 million views 13.10.11
EastEnders: E20 takes teenage issues from TV to classroom 16.09.11
Jamie Foreman to join cast of EastEnders as Derek Branning 26.08.11
Pam St Clement to leave EastEnders 08.07.11
Cast announced for third series of EastEnders: E20 23.06.11
George Layton joins the cast of EastEnders 13.06.11
Nicola Stapleton returns to EastEnders as Mandy Salter 09.06.11
Danielle Harold joins the cast of EastEnders 07.06.11
Polly Perkins joins the cast of EastEnders 27.05.11
EastEnders: two new Moons to shine Albert Square 10.05.11
E20 nominated for best online drama at The Webby Awards 14.04.11
EastEnders: Tanya's mother, Cora Cross, arrives in Walford with Tanya's troublesome sister Rainie in tow 21.03.11
David Essex over the Moon to join EastEnders 24.01.11
EastEnders: E20 series three commissioned 04.10.10
EastEnders joins forces with Michael Wood and Wallace & Gromit to inspire a life full of learning for BBC audiences 27.09.10
EastEnders E20: series 2 – Everyone in Walford's Tweeting 12.08.10
EastEnders: E20 welcomes four new faces to the Square 29.07.10
A new Moon arrives in Albert Square 28.07.10
Walford returns to web with second series of EastEnders: E20 08.04.10
Zoe Lucker heads for Albert Square 21.03.10
Pat and Peggy fight over a new love interest in Albert Square 01.03.10
16.6 million viewers tune in as EastEnders finally reveals 'whodunnit' 20.02.10
Top ten facts you didn't know about EastEnders 25th anniversary live episode 19.02.10
EastEnders: E20 draws in 1.7 million views 24.01.10
EastEnders launches EastEnders 25: The Exhibition – a public exhibition to celebrate 25 years of dramatic endings 20.01.10
EastEnders: E20 – press pack 08.01.10
EastEnders: E20 and Radio 1 announce remix competition winner 11.12.09
EastEnders: E20 casting announcement 25.11.09
Devon Anderson makes a return to Walford playing Billie Jackson 20.11.09
EastEnders: E20 and Radio 1 join forces for theme tune re-mix competition 13.11.09
Bryan Kirkwood to take helm as EastEnders Executive Producer when Diederick Santer steps down next year 02.11.09
Barbara Windsor MBE to bid farewell to Albert Square in 2010 28.10.09
I Want You Back: The Jacksons are making return to Albert Square... 25.10.09
EastEnders to venture online with EastEnders: E20 22.10.09
Ferdy from This Life rides into Albert Square 16.10.09
EastEnders goes live to celebrate 25th anniversary 15.09.09
Ronnie's first love arrives in Walford 23.07.09
Walford welcomes Mayor of London 20.07.09

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