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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014


Kim Shillinglaw

Commissioning Editor, Science and Natural History

Kim Shillinglaw is the BBC's Commissioning Editor for Science and Natural History, responsible for all in-house and independent commissions in these genres across BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four.

Recent examples include programmes as diverse as Spy On The Ice – Polar Bears and Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth for BBC One, Stargazing Live and The Bear Family And Me for BBC Two, and The Joy Of Stats and the RI Lectures for BBC Four.

Kim oversaw the BBC's year-long celebration of science throughout 2010 with landmark TV science programmes, online initiatives, regional roadshows and learning campaigns aiming to inspire a love of science across the nation.

Programming highlights range from the hugely successful Wonders Of The Solar System, How Earth Made Us and Story Of Science on BBC Two, to the hands-on Bang Goes The Theory and entertaining The Young Ones on BBC One, and Chemistry – A Volatile History, Equations, The Joy Of Stats and Beautiful Minds on BBC Four.

Before this, Kim was Executive Producer London Factual, overseeing science programmes such as the major launch of new BBC One science show Bang Goes The Theory, and landmark series such as The Incredible Human Journey with Dr Alice Roberts, for BBC Two, and Blood And Guts – A History Of Surgery, Bafta-nominated for BBC Four, among many others.

Kim has also worked in Children's, developing and commissioning the first series of Horrible Histories, and in documentaries, current affairs and strategy, both inside the BBC and in the independent sector.

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