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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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CBeebies Lands in South Korea

BBC Worldwide Channels has inked a deal to launch CBeebies in South Korea for the first time. The channel, targeted at pre-schoolers from 0 – 6 years will be available on KT's IPTV service, QOOK TV on its basic tier starting 15 May 2010, reaching more than 1.2 million of the platform's subscribers.

KT, formerly Korea Telecom, is the country's largest wired/wireless telecommunication service provider, holding the largest share of South Korean fixed line and high-speed Internet market. QOOK TV is an IPTV service launched by KT in July 2007.

"The inaugural launch of CBeebies in Korea is an important one for our long term growth strategy in Asia," said Mark Whitehead, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BBC Worldwide Channels Asia. "We are excited to have KT, the country's number one provider of IPTV services, as our partner."

"Growing our business in Korea continues to be a priority for us in Asia, and quality programming is a lynchpin to our success there," he continued. "To that end, we have acquired a stable of award-winning and acclaimed pre-school titles for the channel that are customised to appeal to and suit the developmental needs of distinct age groups. CBeebies delivers a safe, non-violent, interactive experience designed by developmental experts to promote imaginative play, social interaction, language skills and educational values."

Some of the top-rated programmes on CBeebies include In the Night Garden, a calming live action series from the makers of Teletubbies, which has won 'Best Pre-School Live Action Series' at the BAFTA Children's Awards for three years running. Charlie and Lola, a cartoon animation about two siblings growing up together, which has won a BAFTA for 'Best Children's Television Show' and 'Best Script' whilst Mister Maker, an arts and crafts programme, was nominated for 'Best Presenter' at the BAFTA Children's Awards 2009.

"QOOK TV is very pleased to have a partnership with BBC Worldwide Channels to provide high quality programming on our IPTV platform. We are confident that CBeebies will help us to make QOOK TV’s line-up even stronger and more competitive," said Jong-Ryeol Suh, Head of Media Business Unit of KT Corp.

Besides South Korea, CBeebies is available in Australia, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

CBeebies will be available on Channel 235 on Qook TV from Saturday, 15 May 2010 at 6am.

About CBeebies

CBeebies, the number one pre-school channel in the UK provides a high-quality, interactive, entertaining and educational experience for pre-school children, offering them a safe haven in which to learn about, and enjoy, the world around them. CBeebies offers internationally-acclaimed and award-winning household favourites such as Teletubbies, In the Night Garden and Charlie & Lola.
Programmes on the channel emphasise educational entertainment and are supported by the core BBC values, ensuring they are trustworthy, reliable and informative. CBeebies provides a safe, non-violent environment for the channel’s viewers.
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About KT and QOOK TV
KT (formerly Korea Telecom, NYSE:KTC) is a leading integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider in South Korea. KT has an information & communications business and holds the biggest market share of the South Korean fixed line and high speed Internet Business. QOOK TV is an IPTV service launched by KT in July 2007, which carries 89 linear channels, 80,000 VOD contents and advanced Interactive services. Currently, QOOK TV is provided to KT's broadband service subscribers and reaches 1.25 million households.
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