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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Storecupboard cooking and two-for-one deals now a way of life

Storecupboard cooking and taking advantage of money-off deals have become a way of life for canny consumers according to a new survey from BBC Good Food magazine.

The BBC Magazines survey of 1,153 readers found that consumer's food habits have fundamentally altered since the start of the recession. Now we're all making an effort to use up items in our storecupboards in a bid to cut costs and waste less food. According to the survey 37 per cent of readers said they are using up more ingredients in their storecupboard than last year.

We've also got into the habit of taking packed lunches to work – a great way to use up leftovers - with three quarters of us now taking sandwiches, soups and salads to work at least once or twice a week. British shoppers are still packing their trolleys with supermarket own-label products: in fact, 26 per cent say they are doing this more than a year ago, at the height of the recession.

Although we're officially out of recession consumers are still being careful with their cash - 44 per cent of readers say they are dining out less than a year ago. However, for many, it’s still important to buy quality produce and to support local producers. According to the survey 47 per cent of respondents are doing this now as much as they were last year, with 12 per cent doing this more.

According to BBC Good Food magazine editor Gillian Carter: "Despite encouraging signs for the economy, our survey shows that bargain hunting and thrift are becoming second nature for many of us. One of the outcomes of the recession is that consumers have learned to shop cleverly and cook at home, which saves them money. However, it's heartening to hear that many people still want to search out quality ingredients in local delis and farmers' markets."

The March issue of BBC Good Food Magazine, on sale now, priced at £3.40, is a great-value cooking special. Features include: making more of cheap cuts of meat; budget bistro menus; and 50 thrifty tips to cut costs and reduce waste.

The survey was carried out by 1,153 BBC Good Food magazine readers in an online survey in January.

About Good Food magazine
Good Food is the UK's market- leading food magazine, selling 323,171 copies a month. Each issue is packed with over 100 recipes for everyday meals, easy entertaining and dishes from celebrity chefs. Every recipe is tested by the Good Food cookery team.

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