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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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BBC Worldwide sends Dancing with the Stars to greet the Greeks

Greece is the latest country to make a local version of the world's most popular entertainment show Dancing with the Stars (TBI 2008).

Greek commercial broadcaster Antenna is due to produce 10 x 90" episodes of the format which will keep its original title Dancing with the Stars. The series will air in a primetime slot in March 2010.

Dancing is an international phenomenon having been licensed to more than 30 countries around the world and viewed in more than 75 countries worldwide and, the phenomenal format shows no sign of slowing down.

BBC Worldwide's research team has estimated that more than a quarter of a billion people have watched a local version of Dancing with the Stars*.

Claudia Danser, VP for Format Licensing EMEA at BBC Worldwide, said: "It has been a fantastic year for Dancing with the Stars. Not only do we have the most watched format but we are also official record breakers and the format shows no sign of losing its sparkle. In fact, every broadcaster that has produced a local version has gone on to recommission the show.

"Greece is just one of a number of new territories we are talking to about licensing this phenomenal format. Every country, including Greece, has a great culture of dancing and music which makes this format adaptable to any market. There are plenty more countries which are yet to enjoy the dazzling delights of Dancing."

Poland is the first broadcaster to sign a deal for a tenth series of Dancing with the Stars while Israel and Norway have both concluded deals for a fifth series and Bulgaria has signed up for a second season. Estonia, Croatia and the Czech Republic have all recently licensed a fourth series.

The USA , UK, Bulgaria, Poland and Denmark are all currently broadcasting their local versions of Dancing.

Dancing with the Stars is also an official record breaker after the Guinness Book of World Records announced it as the world's most successful reality TV format.


*Figure is estimated and based on the best performing episode of each series from 2008 or recent data for those countries that didn’t air a local version last year.

Cristina Dunn

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