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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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David Tennant & Elisabeth Sladen read new audio-exclusive stories from BBC Audiobooks

BBC Audiobooks will be releasing three new audio-exclusive titles in October. David Tennant narrates Doctor Who: The Day of the Troll written by Simon Messingham and this will be published together with two new Sarah Jane Adventures titles The White Wolf and The Shadow People read by Elisabeth Sladen.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Troll
ISDN: 9781408409398
RRP: £9.78; Download RRP: £9.00
Duration: 2 hours on 2 CDs

When the Doctor arrives on Earth in the far future, he is horrified to find the planet beset by famine and starvation. England is a barren wasteland, and scientists are desperately seeding the ground to make the crops grow again. But now it seems that something even worse is happening. Karl Baring, the owner of research facility The Grange, has been snatched away in the middle of the night. His sister Katy was with him when he vanished, but is now in catatonic shock – so it is up to the Doctor, with the help of the scientists at The Grange, to investigate.

What is lurking under the old bridge, and why is it preying on people? The Doctor must find out, before it strikes again...

Written specially for audio by Simon Messingham and read by David Tennant, this brand new exclusive adventure features the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.

Sarah Jane Adventures: The White Wolf
ISDN: 9781408426685
RRP: £5.87; Download RRP: £6.60
Duration 1 hour on 1 CD

A letter from an old friend she can't remember sparks off another adventure for Sarah Jane, as she and her friends explore the village of Wolfenden. What is the secret of the white wolf carved on the hillside – and what does it have to do with alien abduction?

Based on the hit CBBC TV series, The White Wolf is written by Gary Russell. Elisabeth Sladen narrates the story as Sarah Jane Smith.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Shadow People
ISDN: 9781408426692
RRP: £5.87; Download RRP: £6.60
Duration: 1 hour on 1 CD

A school camping trip to Snowdonia spells trouble for Sarah Jane and her friends, as they find themselves stranded in a harsh environment. What shadowy figure is watching them? How can Rani be in two places at once? And what secret does a nearby cave hold?

Based on the hit CBBC TV series, The Shadow People is written by Scott Handcock. Elisabeth Sladen narrates the story as Sarah Jane Smith.

Emma Finlay

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