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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Pet Shop Boys at the BBC released by BBC Worldwide Music

Pet Shop Boys at the BBC celebrates over 20 years of performances from one of Britain's most iconic groups. This new retrospective features some career-defining moments with performances on BBC shows including Top of the Pops, Whistle Test and Later with Jools Holland. Each performance is accompanied by exclusive new interview footage with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe filmed by BBC Worldwide Music at the Abbey Road Studios.

The Pet Shop Boys' phenomenal career was celebrated this year with a Brit Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Music. With their hotly anticipated new studio album Yes being released on 23rd March, Pet Shop Boys at the BBC offers a new look back at their career, creativity and even their collaboration with Liza Minnelli.

Pet Shop Boys at the BBC is the latest in a series of new music programmes drawing on the BBC Music archive to present new profiles of some of the world's most popular music acts. A new programme profiling Oasis: Oasis. Soul & Glory was released last year followed by a retrospective look at Erasure: Erasure at the BBC narrated by Nemone from BBC Radio 6 Music. The programmes have been well received by broadcasters around the world who have welcomed this opportunity to bring fantastic BBC performances to music fans across the globe.

Pet Shop Boys at the BBC marks BBC Worldwide Music’s latest collaboration with EMI to develop the BBC Archive and offer Pet Shop Boys’ fans a new opportunity to view fantastic BBC performances from the band. The documentary spans their career from a 1985 Top of the Pops performance of their first hit single West End Girls to the final track I’m With Stupid from their last album Fundamental performed on Top of the Pops in 2006, over 20 years later.

Jon Mansfield, Head of Content Development at BBC Worldwide Music said "What better time to dig deep into the rich BBC Music archive to celebrate 20 years of the Pet Shop Boys charting their career through key BBC performances. We are delighted to have this opportunity working closely with EMI, The Management and The Pet Shop Boys to tell their story across the globe utilising the BBC Worldwide multiplatform infrastructure."

Tom Macpherson, Promotion Manager Global Priorities, EMI Music said "Off the back of the Pet Shop Boys 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' BRIT Award and the imminent release of their brand new album 'Yes, Pet Shop Boys', EMI are very pleased to be working with BBC Worldwide again in helping to deliver top quality music programmes to a global audience."

Track Listing for Pet Shop Boys at the BBC:

1. West End Girls TOTP, 19/12/1985
2. Suburbia TOTP, 16/10/1986
3. It’s A Sin Wogan, 01/07/1987
4. Love Comes Quickly TOTP, 20/03/1986
5. Later Tonight Whistle Test, 29/04/1986
6. Always On My Mind TOTP, 25/12/1987
7. Left To My Own Devices TOTP, 01/12/1988
8. Losing My Mind (Liza Minnelli) Wogan, 31/07/1989
9. Being Boring TOTP, 29/11/1990
10. Can You Forgive Her? TOTP, 10/06/1993
11. I Wouldn't Normally Do… Children in Need, 26/11/1993
12. Liberation TOTP, 07/04/1994
13. Paninaro ’95 TOTP, 03/08/1995
14. I Don't Know What You Want… TOTP, 30/07/1999
15. Love Is A Catastrophe Later with Jools Holland,12/04/2002
16. Flamboyant TOTP, 19/03/2004
17. I’m With Stupid TOTP, 23/04/2006

Producer Sam Follows
Executive Producers Mark Hagen, Jon Mansfield

Philip Fleming

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