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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Worldwide bring new formats to MIPTV

BBC Worldwide will be bringing a wealth of new formats to Cannes for this year's MIPTV.

The Speaker is a groundbreaking BBC production which tests the communication, conviction and improvisational skills of teenagers. This new competition format is designed to find the nation’s best young orator by putting them through a series of tough challenges and tasks. The gruelling series ends with the final eight contestants putting all the skills they have learnt to the test as they fight to become the best speaker.

Another new entertainment format on offer at MIPTV is Genius. This quirky new chat show devised by David Scott and Ali Crockatt for the BBC combines comedy, celebrity and possibly, genius? Members of the public are given a minute to pitch their ideas and inventions to a host and celebrity guest. The celebrity then ruthlessly picks apart the proposal until they decide whether the idea is 'genius' or not.

Animal Showtime gives a new comic take on the BBC's animal archive by adding a hilarious voice to the inner thoughts of a host of weird and wonderful creatures. The format is entertaining, funny and above all flexible for broadcasters as they are able to add their own voiceovers or choose a presenter to host the show.

Gareth Williams, Director of New Programming at BBC Worldwide said:

"BBC Worldwide's formats catalogue is stronger than ever with new, exciting titles such as The Speaker and Animal Showtime on offer as well as tried and tested titles like Greats and of course Dancing with the Stars. The formats catalogue has something for everyone whether it is glossy entertainment shows or escapist drama.

"The scripted formats on offer are equally exciting with Mistresses leading the way. Already a hit in the UK, this sexy drama about a group of friends has huge appeal to audiences all over the world. Scripted formats such as Mistresses are a great way for broadcasters to make local versions of proven hits and ratings winners."

Mistresses is a sexy drama which follows the lives and loves of a group of 30-something girlfriends. The six part series by Ecosse Television, set in a world where friends have become the new family, charts the highs and lows in the love lives of four very different friends. Part drama, part thriller, this is a bold take on modern love.

The British hit How not to live your life by Brown Eyed Boy Productions is another scripted format on offer at this year's market. This new quirky comedy poses the question: if we could live the same situations again, would we do things better or just end up making an even bigger mess of things. Entertaining, surprising and sometimes unexpected, this six part comedy follows the antics of a typically neurotic, single young man who tries and fails to navigate the basics of life.

BBC Worldwide will also be bringing other internationally successful formats to MIPTV such as The Office, Life on Mars, Dancing with the Stars and Baby Borrowers.

Cristina Dunn

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