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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Natural History titles big sellers at BBC Showcase

Buyers from around the world have snapped up the latest Natural History titles at this year's annual BBC Showcase event.

Superswarms, South Pacific, Yellowstone, Nature's Great Events and Life all caught the attention of buyers from Estonia to Ecuador and Croatia to Canada.

The BBC's Yellowstone was one of the most popular titles at BBC Worldwide's annual market for international clients. The dramatic three part series explores one of the world's most complex ecosystems as it transforms from a hostile, frozen environment in winter, to the soaring temperatures in summer. The beautifully crafted co-production between the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery has already amassed pre-sales to nine territories including Spain (Canal+), Germany (WDR), Russia (Channel 1) and Italy (RTI).

Life has also attracted the attention of buyers at Showcase. This definitive exploration of the diversity of life on earth has been bought by six broadcasters around the world. The magnificent ten part series will soon air in Germany (WDR), Latin America (TVN in Chile and Caribbean Broad) and Russia (Channel 1).

Steve Macallister, Managing Director for Sales & Distribution at BBC Worldwide said:

"BBC Worldwide's Natural History catalogue is a leader in its field, and this year offers a truly remarkable new slate. From the cinematic wildlife series Nature's Great Events to the ground-breaking work by the team on Life, we have programming that is second to none. The sales from this week's event demonstrate just how effective BBC Showcase is in exporting the best of British programming to the international market."

Nature's Great Events, described by The Times as a "greatest hits of the natural world", has sold to seven territories including Estonia (Estonian Television), Germany (ZDF), Poland (TVP) and Turkey (NTV) while the unchartered territories of the South Pacific, explored in this six part series by the BBC and Discovery, has sold to four countries; Russia (Channel 1), Estonia (Estonian Television), Austria (ORF) and Belgium (VRT).

The unique phenomenon of Superswarms is explored for the first time in a new natural history title. The John Downer Production for the BBC and Discovery Channel uses cutting edge cinematic techniques and amateur viewer footage to investigate the shocking collective intelligence behind these groups and how man fights back. The two part programme has sold to five territories including Poland (TVP), Serbia (B92) and Japan (NHK).


BBC Showcase is the world's largest trade event hosted by a single distributor and the first of its kind to go completely digital.
The four day event sees BBC Worldwide generate programme sales and broker international funding deals for co productions on behalf of the BBC and independent producers.
Around 500 buyers will attend the annual event, where they will view around 1000 hours of the latest, leading television output from Britain.
Daily screening sessions are held across all genres, as sales teams and leading producers pitch directly to network buyers from around the world.
Buyers are presented with co-production propositions, formats and finished programming.
In the evening BBC Worldwide offers themed nights around a selection of its key titles in Drama & Entertainment and Natural History.

Cristina Dunn

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