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24 September 2014
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Timeless Children's Classics from BBC Audiobooks

BBC Audiobooks continues its series of popular children's classics with six new full-cast dramatisations of timeless tales from favourite authors including Lewis Carroll and Daniel Defoe.


The collection has previously brought to life such classics as Peter Pan, The Railway Children and The Secret Garden with stunning sound effects and spectacular casts for all to enjoy.


These audiobooks are a wonderful way to introduce your children to the best-loved stories of your own childhood and are the perfect way to entertain the family on holiday journeys, rainy days or on the school run!



CD ISBN: 9781408400661
RRP: £9.99; 1 Hour 50 Minutes on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408499917
Download RRP: £6.60


Johanna Spyri's touching story of the adventures of a young Swiss girl is one of the most popular children's stories ever written. Heidi's pleasure in the beauty of the Swiss mountains and her rich relationships with her friends and family are perfectly evoked in this warm and lively full-cast radio dramatisation.


When Heidi, a lively orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather in a little hut high in the Alps she soon learns to live in perfect harmony with her surroundings, leading a carefree life with her constant companion, Peter, a young goatherd.


However, her happiness is short-lived when she is sent to stay with a rich city family as a companion for the sick Clara. Although she becomes fond of the older girl, Heidi is terribly homesick. Will she ever be able to return to the Alps and the happiness she once knew with her friends?



Anne of Green Gables
CD ISBN: 9781408400715
RRP: £9.99; 2 Hours 25 Minutes on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408499962
Download RRP: £6.60


A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of the enchanting children's classic about a little redheaded girl with a heart of gold.


Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert have sent to the orphanage for a boy. When a skinny, red-haired girl turns up, she is not quite what they had in mind. Anne Shirley soon sets the quiet island community of Avonlea talking of little else. With her incessant chatter and intense imagination, things are never dull with Anne – in fact, they are frequently fiery. However, slowly the islanders realise that beneath the quicksilver tongue and the redheaded temper is a little girl with a heart of gold, who brings a much-needed warmth and vitality to the community.

The infectious liveliness and charm of the novel emanates delightfully from this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation.



CD ISBN: 9781408400685
RRP: £9.99; 1 Hour 30 Minutes on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408499931
Download RRP: £6.60


A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Falkner's gripping tale of mystery and high adventure in a Dorset smuggling village.
From echoing vaults and stormy seas to dank dungeons and deep wells, the suspense of John's search for hidden treasure is thrillingly evoked in this fully dramatised classic adventure, starring Robert Glenister and James Laurenson.


When fifteen-year-old John Trenchard discovers a secret passage into the vault of the powerful Mohune family, his peaceful life in the Dorset village of Moonfleet is at an end.


It is said that Captain Mohune, the notorious Blackbeard, haunts the place with wild and bloodcurdling cries, forever seeking his hidden treasure.


As John sets off in a search of that treasure, a fabled diamond, he becomes caught up in the dangerous coastal smuggling runs and is forced to flee the country in the company of Elzevir Block, the man who is to become like a father to him.



Robinson Crusoe
CD ISBN: 9781408400654
RRP: £9.99; 1 Hour 55 Minutes on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408401941
Download RRP: £6.60


A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of one of the most famous adventure stories of all time, starring Roy Marsden as Robinson Crusoe.


Young Robinson Crusoe has a burning ambition to be a sailor. Paying no attention to his parents' warnings, he runs away to sea to embark on a series of thrilling adventures: struggles with Barbary pirates, a shipwreck and the extraordinary meeting with Man Friday...


Roy Marsden plays the older Robinson Crusoe looking back on a life of recklessness, daring and adventure – and the survival of twenty-eight years, two months and nineteen days on a desert island.


Based on the real-life adventures of Alexander Selkirk, Robinson Crusoe was one of the very first adventure stories to be published in English literature. It remains as gripping today as it did on first publication in 1719, and this enthralling dramatisation perfectly evokes the excitement and adventure of the original book.



The Jungle Book
CD ISBN: 9781408400678
RRP: £9.99; 2 Hours 15 Minutes on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408499924
Download RRP: £6.60


Eartha Kitt stars in this Radio 4, full-cast dramatisation of Kipling's classic animal adventure.


This rich and entertaining dramatisation skilfully blends words with jungle sounds and music and stars Eartha Kitt as Kaa, Freddie Jones as Baloo, Jonathan Hyde as Bagheera and Nisha K. Mayer as Mowgli.

Rudyard Kipling's famous tale tells the story of Mowgli, the 'man-cub' rescued from the tiger Shere Khan and adopted by a wolf pack. As he grows up, Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle from Baloo the bear, Bagheera the Black Panther and Kaa the rock python.

His life is full of adventure with the jungle creatures, but soon the time comes when he is forced to leave and take his place among his own people.

A kind woman looks after Mowgli but she can't protect him from the superstitious villagers who believe his friendship with wolves is the result of sorcery. Mowgli's only escape is to return to the jungle. However, even the jungle has become a dangerous place.



Alice Through the Looking Glass
CD ISBN: 9781408400692
RRP: £9.99; 2 Hours approx on 2 CDs
Download ISBN: 9781408499948
Download RRP: £6.60


Ken Campbell, Windsor Davies, John Bird and John Fortune star in this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation.


When Alice's wish to visit the Looking Glass world comes true, she can't resist delving deeper and deeper into a land of caustic characters and twisted logic. So begins a game of chess on a grand scale, where the inhabitants of each square have their own set of rules.


In her bid to become Queen of the Chess Board, Alice takes advice - and sometimes-downright criticism - from such peculiar folk as Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Lion and the Unicorn and very helpful gnat.


Even when she has earned her crown, the ordeal awaits of dinner with the Red and White Queens – and Alice learns an important lesson about not eating food you've been introduced to...


This witty adaptation of Lewis Carroll's enduring children's classic boasts the much-loved Jabberwocky poem amongst its sparkling collection of gems.



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Date : 25.07.2008
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