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29 October 2014
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New Charlie and Lola DVD out 15 May 2006

A second Charlie and Lola DVD with more episodes from the popular contemporary animation is available from 15 May 2006.


The first DVD was launched in February and fans will be able to build a Charlie and Lola collection with a further two DVDs to be released later this year.


The programme is aimed at three to seven-year-olds and is based on books by Lauren Child about everyday occurrences in the lives of a boy called Charlie and his little sister Lola.


Child's inspiration for Lola was a little girl she saw on a train in Denmark and she explains: "I was travelling with my Danish boyfriend through Denmark on a train and there was a child who kept asking her mum and dad all these questions all the time.


"She was an incredibly sweet-looking child and she looked very like Lola; she was just such a character and there was something about her, the way she was dressed and everything, and so I drew a picture of her and then I thought of a story that would work with that kind of character."


Uniquely, the series is voiced by children and evokes charming child-like language. It is also characterized by distinctive and imaginative production techniques, using two-dimensional 'cut-out' style animation combined with archive film footage and photographs.


Charlie and Lola TWO is the second DVD to be released by BBC Worldwide and contains six episodes from the first series. It also includes specially animated menus featuring Charlie and Lola, a hide and seek game, two compilations of charming scenes and two funny outtakes.


The episodes are:


  • I'm not sleepy and I will not go to bed: Will Lola ever be sleepy enough to go to bed, Charlie wonders? She drinks pink milk with tigers, cleans her teeth with a lion, shoos whales down the plughole and has a pyjama party with some dancing dogs. When at last, Charlie manages to get his little sister to feel sleepy, there's a surprise waiting for him in his bed.
  • But that is my book: You have to be quiet when you're in a library. But that's very hard for Lola when she can't find her absolutely most favourite book - "Beetles Bugs and Butterflies." Charlie introduces her to books about Dinosaurs and books about Romans and he even takes her into a beautiful Chinese pop up book. But nothing matches "Beetles Bugs and Butterflies." Or does it?
  • Boo! Made you Jump!: It's ever so easy for Charlie to make Lola jump. But what Lola wants more than anything is to make Charlie jump. This proves quite tricky. Lola tries everything. She asks her best friend Lotta and Marv to help her make Charlie jump. They try hiding, ghosts and really really scary stories. Soon Charlie, too, is longing to jump. Will nothing work?
  • I want to play music too!: Introducing Charlie on clarinet and Marv on keyboards! The boys are presenting a piece all about Outer Space accompanied with music in front of the whole school tomorrow in assembly. Lola is desperate to join in. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to learn how to play an instrument. Lola is not deterred. Improvising instruments is much more fun and, what's more, Lola's makeshift band turns out to be just what's needed.
  • The most wonderfullest picnic in the whole wide world: You can't have a picnic without swirly tennis and boildy eggs and of course sunshine. Lola, Lotta, Charlie and Marv are really excited because they have all of those things. But just as the fun is about to begin, the storm clouds gather. Luckily, Charlie knows how the desert people have picnics indoors and a potential disaster turns into the most wonderfullest picnic ever.
  • You won't like this present as much as I do: It's Lotta's birthday and of course Lola wants to buy her friend the very best present in the whole wide world. She is over the moon when she finds the very thing... a Doctor's kit! But it's really hard to give your best friend the best present ever when you really, really like the present yourself!


Notes to editors:

Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide Ltd.


Duration: 69 minutes

RRP: £12.99




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Date : 27.03.2006
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