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24 September 2014
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Red Dwarf VI out on DVD


Red Dwarf VI released on DVD 21.02.05


BBC Video is proud to announce the DVD release of Red Dwarf Series VI on 21.02.05 as a two-disc set, priced £19.99.


Starring Chris Barrie and Craig Charles as the bickering bunk mates Rimmer and Lister, Red Dwarf Series VI sees the show go from strength to strength, winning Best BBC Sitcom at the 1994 British Comedy Awards and an International Emmy Award for the classic episode "Gunmen of the Apocalypse".


Joined once again by Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn), Rimmer and Lister find themselves in Series VI marooned on Starbug, forever low on supplies and fighting for survival, as their action-packed adventures take them round the galaxy looking for the stolen Red Dwarf.


Writer-creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor welcomed Director Andy de Emmony (The Canterbury Tales, Spitting Image, Father Ted) to the series, which was produced by Justin Judd.


Guest stars included Jenny Agutter, Anita Dobson, Ainsley Harriot and welcomed back Claire Grogan as Kochanski.



In addition to all six half-hour episodes of 1993's Red Dwarf VI, this DVD set continues the tradition of providing extensive extras for fans, and includes over three hours of extra video footage plus two commentaries.


Cast Commentary

Featuring Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn


Fan Commentary

Gunmen of the Apocalypse Four fans join facilitator Andrew Ellard, for a special bonus commentary


"The Starbuggers" Original Documentary

A 75-minute look at the making of Series VI, featuring interviews with cast and crew, plus never-before seen

footage from the set


Deleted Scenes

Over 40 minutes of deleted and extended moments


Smeg Ups

A compilation of outtakes and fluffs


Howard Goodall: Settling the Score

The inside story of the making of Red Dwarf’s music


"Sick" Featurette

Some days the Dwarfers just aren’t feeling so good...


"Return to Laredo" Featurette

Ten years after filming Gunmen, Robert Llewellyn

returns to the location of Red Dwarf's greatest triumph


Behind the Scenes Footage

Footage captured on location for Psirens before a "Making Of" project was aborted


Interview with Andy de Emmony

Donated to the awards archive when Gunmen of the Apocalypse won the International Emmy


8mm Model-Maker Footage

Nick Kool provides a fascinating glimpse of the workings of Red Dwarf's model department



Original series trailers recovered from home VHS collections


Raw FX Footage

A compilation of model effects footage transferred from the original 35mm film


Isolated Music Cues Instant access to the various elements of Howard Goodall's Series VI music score


"Dave Hollins" Radio Sketch

A chance to hear one of the original Son of Cliché radio sketches that led to the creation of Red Dwarf


Photo Gallery

A massive collection of production images and artwork



Link to the official website



English subtitles for episodes and extras


Easter Eggs

Several bonus extras hidden with the DVD menus


A behind-the-scenes production diary – DVD Details – which charts the full production of the discs from conception to final cover artwork, and every editing nightmare in between, can be found on the official Red Dwarf website:


Red Dwarf VI Episode Guide

Psirens - In pursuit of the stolen Red Dwarf, Lister and Co are attacked by Psirens - creatures who lure space-farers to their deaths with a lethal combination of telepathic manipulation and scanty clothing


Legion - Supplies are low. The water has been recycled so often, it’s beginning to taste like Dutch lager. Then a malfunctioning guidance beam drags the Dwarfers to a deserted space station…


Gunmen of the Apocalypse - Kryten contracts a deadly computer virus, and Rimmer and Co are forced to enter his electronic mindscape. They find themselves in a wild west town, facing a gunfight against metaphysical gunslingers


Emohawk Polymorph II – The Dwarfers need replacement engine parts from the fearsomely ugly "Kinitawowi". But the Gelf tribe are interested in only one trade: Lister must marry the chief's daughter. This episode also sees the welcome return of firm favourites Ace Rimmer and Duane Dibley


Rimmerworld - Trapped aboard a disintegrating ship, Rimmer abandons his crewmates, taking the only remaining escape pod. As he accelerates towards a nearby wormhole, he discovers the pod has no steering controls…


Out of Time - When an identical ship materialises alongside Starbug, the crew are alarmed to receive an SOS call from themselves fifteen years into the future


The Red Dwarf Phenomenon

  • Red Dwarf still holds the record for being BBC TWO's longest running, highest rated sitcom.

  • Created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, it was based on one of their radio shows: Dave Hollins – Space Cadet.

  • The programme was first shown in February 1988 and continued over the next decade with 8 series, building up a massive worldwide cult following and at its peak topping 8 million viewers.

  • Sales of the video are in excess of 2.3 million in the UK and the series has been shown in across the globe

  • Sales of Red Dwarf Series I-IV on DVD are over 700k units, with sales of Series V already at 135,000 since its release in November 2004. International sales have been equally impressive in America and Australia, where the shows have dedicated fanbases and a strong public following.



Product Information

Title: Red Dwarf VI

Cat No: BBCDVD1372

RRP: £19.99

Certificate: 12


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Date : 12.01.2005
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