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27 November 2014
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Grumpy Old Women, by Judith Holder

We all know what it means these days to be a "grumpy old man". Well, we've heard just about enough out of the men, thank you very much. Now the Grumpy Old Women are taking over, with their gripes on the million irritations of today's world.


So, what makes women grumpy? Body image, domestic goddesses, the youth of today, shopping, careers, multi-tasking in double figures, holidays – and yes, grumpy old men themselves – all are very much on the list of what today's mature woman finds… a source of concern. (If you harbour suspicions that you, or someone you know, qualify as a grumpy old woman take a peek at our checklist below.)


From the series producer and stand-up comic Judith Holder, the book incorporates material from the new TV series Grumpy Old Women, which features a diverse, colourful and very grumpy group of celebrities, including Janet Street Porter, Jenny Eclair, Ann Widdecombe, Germaine Greer, Annette Crosbie and Sheila Hancock. Written with wit, style and sympathy, the book is sure to be a source of both amusement and comfort to women everywhere – grumpy or otherwise.



Judith Holder has a distinguished career in television, having produced some of the funniest people in the business, including Clive James, Billy Connolly, Dame Edna, Victoria Wood and Lenny Henry. She also ran the After They Were Famous strand on ITV for four years and originated all the big reunions, including the award-winning reunion of the seven children from The Sound of Music.


Judith was responsible for the bright idea of putting celebrities in a pickle, sending Joanna Lumley to a desert island, where she coped alarmingly well, and more recently investigated the diet industry in Victoria Wood's Big Fat Documentary.


Having produced and written so much for other performers, Judith decided to write and perform her own stand-up at the age of 47, and has never looked back.


She has performed her own comedy pieces on Woman's Hour and Home Truths, and is featured in Grumpy Old Women, which she wrote and produced for BBC Two.



How to find out whether you or someone you know is a Grumpy Old Women


The unmistakable signs

  • Shop assistants cower in fear when you return shoddy goods
  • You are the litter police
  • Young men are afraid to be left alone with you lest you pounce
  • You like a slip-on shoe – saves all that bending
  • If you wore a thong you might look like a Sumo wrestler
  • You start collecting used margarine pots and plastic bags
  • You start to enjoy pottering


Things That Grumpy Old Women Say

  • It's a bloody disgrace
  • I want to talk to the manager
  • Cheerio
  • Struth
  • Spending a penny
  • Whoops
  • Is it me or is it hot in here?
  • I could murder a nice cup of tea
  • I can remember those flared trousers first time around



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Date : 17.12.2004
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