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24 September 2014
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Battlefield Britain by Peter and Dan Snow

Battlefield Britain spans nearly 2000 bloody and turbulent years of battles fought on British soil.


Published to accompany a major BBC TWO series, father-and-son team Peter and Dan Snow tell the story of eight decisive battles that have done much to shape the Britain we know today: Boudicca's revolt against Rome (AD 60-1); the Battle of Hastings (1066); the Battle for Wales (1400-10); the Spanish Armada (1588); the Battle of Naseby (1645); the Battle of the Boyne (1690); the Battle of Culloden (1746) and the Battle of Britain (1940).


For the first time, ground-breaking computer graphics are used to recreate the ebb and flow of these famous battles.


Each of the eight chapters will tell the story of a different conflict – the men who fought, the weapons, the tactics and the effect they had on our history. Using the latest research as well as carrying out reconstructions of the battle, Peter and Dan look at why the men were fighting, what the morale was like and how the outcome of a battle could depend on the bravery of an individual soldier, sailor or pilot.


Peter reveals how the strategies of the best and worst commanders determined the fate of the British Isles, while Dan gives the soldiers' perspective of what it must have been like to ride, march, fly and sail into battle.


As well as dramatic narrative telling the story of each battle, there will be 'battle experience' boxes where Peter and Dan try out a tactic used in battle, such as discovering what it was like to stand behind a shield wall and face a cavalry charge.


Battlefield Britain is illustrated with one hundred stunning images including computer-generated battleplans to illuminate the crucial turning points of each battle, and bringing historical leaders to life with constructed 'photofits'.


History cannot be told by battles alone but the really great battles – like these eight – mark points of ultimate drama when history could have gone either way and Battlefield Britain illuminates the profound impact these battles have had on this country.


Publication date: 29th July 2004
ISBN: 0563 48789 5
Price: £19.99

About the authors:
Peter Snow is a highly respected journalist, author and broadcaster. He was ITN's Diplomatic and Defence Correspondent from 1966 to 1979, and presented Newsnight, the BBC's flagship news and current affairs programme, from 1980 to 1997.


An indispensable part of election nights, Peter has also covered military matters on and off the world's battlefields for 40 years, and his 'sand table' graphic displays have given television viewers vivid commentaries on warfare in all parts of the world.


Dan Snow won a first-class degree in history at Balliol College, Oxford, where he developed a passion for military history, specializing in the First World War. Whilst at Oxford he was President of the Boat Club; he was in the winning crew in the 2000 Boat Race and was captain in 2001.


Since leaving university he has written articles on military history and sailing, and has spent the last two years researching, writing and presenting Battlefield Britain.


Peter and Dan have had many adventures together, including sailing their yacht across the Atlantic, and in 2002 they made the critically acclaimed BBC film of the Battle of El Alamein which celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of Montgomery's desert victory.



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Date : 09.06.2004
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