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29 October 2014
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Four Wildlife Specials Released on Individual DVDs

Available for the first time on DVD, these amazing Wildlife Specials are masterpieces of expertise and innovation, each narrated by David Attenborough. Award winning cameramen use revolutionary filming techniques, backed by the latest scientific research, and each DVD features one of nature's superstars, revealing aspects of its life that have never been seen before.


Close-up and startling photography brings these animals closer to us than ever before – their private worlds captured on film in greater detail and more vividly.




Dangerous, powerful but above all breathtakingly beautiful, tigers have for centuries sparked awe and admiration. Yet it is their very uniqueness that has made them a prized object for hunters. This film could be the last complete portrait of tigers in the wild as there is a real chance they could be extinct within the next decade.


Their elusive lifestyle has been caught on camera as these amazing big cats were filmed by day and night. The result shows the majesty of these fascinating animals and the importance of saving them from extinction.


Cat No: BBCDVD1485
Price: £7.99
Duration: 50 Mins
Cert: E




The leopard is the least known of all Africa's big cats. They are most active at night and until now their nocturnal lives have remained hidden from us. For the very first time, we reveal the night-time secrets of the cat that walks on his own as this Special follows the lives of two leopards in Zambia's Luangwa Valley.


Leopards move and hunt with perfect ease in this dark world where eyesight no longer counts. Using darkness, sound and psychological warfare to help them hunt, these solitary animals play a truly deadly game.


Cat.No: BBCDVD1483
Price: £7.99
Duration: 50 Mins
Cert: E




Snakes are traditionally thought of as predictably scaly, slithery, primitive and an enemy of man. But the truth is they have a range of behaviour more bizarre and astonishing than almost any other group of animals. One of the most successful species on earth, it is also one of the least documented.


Miniaturised cameras reveal the snakes' world for the first time from their point of view. Head-mounted cameras capture gripping images of the world’s most dangerous snakes hunting and overcoming their prey. Using high-speed photography, x-ray imaging and state-of-the-art computer graphics, this is the most ambitious look at snakes attempted in television.


Cat. No: BBCDVD1482
Price: £7.99
Duration: 50 Mins
Cert: E




Few birds have captured the human imagination as deeply as the eagle. Throughout the centuries this majestic bird of prey has been the symbol of strength and courage, such is the perfection of its natural design.


There are 60 different kinds of eagle throughout the world – each type having adapted spectacularly to hunting different forms of prey. This Special embarks on a grand tour through 12 countries and encounters 15 of the world’s species. Remarkable aerial photography captures the dramatic life of eagles as never before.


Cat. No: BBCDVD1481
Price: £7.99
Duration: 50 Mins
Cert: E


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