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29 October 2014
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A Walking With Dinosaurs Special - Sea Monsters
Prehistoric Predators of the Deep

"There is something deep in the human psyche which links the ocean with fear. It is fortunate, then, that we evolved only a few hundred thousand years ago; otherwise we would have spent most of prehistory scared out of our wits." Jasper James and Nigel Marven

Presenter NIGEL MARVEN and producer JASPER JAMES bring to life the strange and terrifying underwater world of prehistoric times, in this new hardback book published by BBC Worldwide in September (price £17.99), to accompany the BBC1 television series.

The worlds of Dinosaurs and Beasts have already been explored in the hugely successful Walking with.. series on BBC television and best-selling books from BBC Worldwide, but, as this new title will reveal, the largest and most fearsome monsters actually lived in the sea. Not even the great white shark and blue whale of today come close in size and threat to these extraordinary monsters of the deep, like massive Liopleurodon, one of the biggest predators ever to exist, or Megalograptus, the most vicious of the spiny sea scorpions.

Jasper James was an original member of the Walking with Dinosaurs production team, and he uses his expert skills to enable leading wildlife television presenter, Nigel Marven, to dive deep into the past and swim with these extraordinary reptiles and mammals. Through Nigel's eyes, we glimpse the massive scale of these animals, 14 of which have never been seen before, and see at first hand the dangers they presented.

Together, they have written a book to the same format as Walking with Beasts and Walking with Dinosaurs, which will appeal to anyone - aged eight to 80 - who wants to feed their imagination and learn about prehistory. Illustrated boxes describe the latest scientific evidence that led to the reconstruction of these creatures, while character boxes provide information on the behaviour and habitats of each monster, together with tips and advice from Nigel about the risks of diving in these hostile environments. The book is superbly illustrated with 140 colour photographs, including more than 20 computer-generated images.

Nigel Marven trained in zoology and botany and is now one of the UK's leading wildlife television producers and presenters. He fronted the two Walking with Dinosaur specials, The Giant Claw and Land of Giants. Jasper James worked with Tim Haines on Walking with Dinosaurs and was series producer of Walking with Beasts. He now runs an independent film-making company with Tim Haines.

Published: September 2003
ISBN:0563 488980
Price: £17.99 (hardback)



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