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24 September 2014
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Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion of Earth

DVD released 16 June 2003

Starring William Hartnell as the first Doctor, Carole Ann Ford as Susan, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara and William Russell as Ian, this is the Doctor Who story that heralded the start of Dalekmania when it was first transmitted in 1964.

The TARDIS materialises in London sometime after the year 2164. Dalek invaders are now ruling the Earth with the aid of humans converted into zombie-like Robomen, but they are opposed by a group of resistance fighters led by Dortmun. The travellers discover that the Daleks have established a huge mine in Bedfordshire, their aim being to remove the Earth's core using a huge bomb and to replace it with a powerful drive system so that they can pilot the planet around the galaxy. Ian manages to create a barrier in the shaft in order to intercept the bomb. The resulting explosion destroys the Daleks and their mine and creates a huge volcanic eruption.

In the meantime, Susan falls in love with resistance fighter David Campbell and when he leaves, the Doctor decides to let her stay on Earth to find a new life with David while he continues on his travels with Ian and Barbara.

With thanks to the Doctor Who: The Television Companion by David J Howe and Stephen James Walker

As ever, this double disc set is absolutely packed with extra features including:

  • CGI effects which gives the viewer the option to watch the story with some of the original model effects replaced by CGI versions
  • Commentary by actors Carole Ann Ford and William Russell, producer Verity Lambert and director Richard Martin
  • Programme subtitles
  • Commentary subtitles
  • Two original BBC1 trailers for the story
  • A ten-second message from the Daleks to introduce the second disc
  • Future Visions: short feature about the work of the story's designer, Spencer Chapman
  • Future Memories: the actors reminisce about the story
  • Talking Daleks: a short feature on the creation of the Dalek voices
  • Now and Then: short location feature contrasting the locations used in 1965 to how they appear today
  • Script to Screen: a short item using the original studio floor plans to show how camera moves were blocked out and how the scenes appear in the finished episode
  • Blue Peter: Valerie Singleton makes Dalek cakes
  • Whatever Happened to … Susan? - a radio production from 1993 featuring Jane Asher as the Doctor's granddaughter
  • Subtitle production notes
  • The rehearsal film shot by a member of the cast on the last day of studio rehearsal
  • Photo gallery

Title: Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion of Earth
Price: £19.99
Catalogue no: BBCDVD1156
Running time: 150 mins approx
Release date: 16 June 2003



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