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27 November 2014
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Cavegirl rocks! Check it out on DVD on 30 June

Millenia ahead of her time, Cavegirl certainly puts the "pow" into "girl power"! Since the series launched on CBBC in Autumn 2002, this Stone Age sista's feisty nature and tomboy antics have attracted a legion of fans. Now for the first time ever, Cavegirl is released on DVD (RRP £12.99) on 30 June.

The host of extra features on Cavegirl Rocks! includes an extra-long, action-packed episode, never-seen-before behind-the-scenes footage, a photo gallery of all your favourite tribe members and interviews with the cast. If you complete the cool quiz about the programme, hosted by Cavegirl herself, you'll gain access to some wicked musical hidden extras including a music video of Cavegirl singing the rockin' "Shut up!", Big Sis slinking around to her own tune and a special promo of groovy music from the programme.

About Cavegirl:

Just to put you in the cavepainting, the first few years of Cavegirl's life were much the same as an other toddler: when she wasn't stuffing her face with lizard meat or playing 'push the boulder' with her little brother, she was picking the fleas from her father's beard and trying to invent the tricycle. By the time she was 13, however, Cavegirl realised she was different. Much to the horror of the tribal elders, it was obvious for all to see that Cavegirl was already leaps ahead on the evolutionary ladder.

Cavegirl was quicker, wittier, stronger and much, much brighter that those around her - and worst of all, she knew it! But the more the elders tried to suppress her, the more she rebelled. It was quickly noticed that Cavegirl had attitude!

Her tender years and hostile surroundings raise many questions for the young girl to ponder: How do they make fire? What lies beyond the mountains? Why does Big Sis prefer to wear short animals skins when boys are around, even when it's really cold? Why does everyone think Little Brother is lovely when he's not? How can she tell Mum she should wash more often? Will I ever have a boyfriend?

Highlights from the Cavegirl Rocks! DVD:

  • "New Bands" - Cavegirl decides to out do the boys' boyband and Big Sis's R&B-style act by singing a totally punky rockin' version of her own tune "I'm a She Dog". The tribe love it as Cavegirl looks set to become the stone age Kelly Osborne...
  • "Proud to be Purple" - everyone in the tribe is very excited about the arrival of Stone Crazy, the most gorgeous rock group in the Stone Age world but, horror of horrors, right before the gig Cavegirl's face turns purple after eating a dodgy piece of fruit! But Cavegirl's no wallflower and decides the best thing to do is co-ordinate her outfit with her face. A certain member of Stone Crazy soon becomes an admirer of her feisty attitude…
  • "Runaway" - it's hard being a teenager in the Stone Age, especially when all the girls have to wash and cook, while the boys practice their hunting. Cavegirl is deeply unimpressed by this state of affairs and decides she'll join a tribe of rebels called the Bandits who do what they want when they want. Very soon, Cavegirl realises the Bandits are just the same as her tribe and in fact much worse! Luckily Mum's on hand to rescue her after threatening the naughty leader of the Bandits with a smack on his bot bot...
  • "The Prisoner" - Dad feels it's about time for Cavegirl to take on more responsibility and is teaching her to bang the tribe's warning drum. While keeping watch, Cavegirl becomes distracted by handsome boy Roast who persuades her to leave the drum with disastrous results. Cavegirl soon learns about responsibility and Roast soon learns that he can't boss her around...
  • "Second Kiss, First Love" - Cavegirl's got her first date and in desperation she bangs the warning drum to summon the tribe to help her choose an outfit for the big event! Mum and Dad are not very impressed with such drastic action and Cavegirl is forced to watch over the village for invaders as a punishment. Resourceful as ever, Cavegirl soon finds inspiration for her outfit but the hot date turns out to be a rather unexpected find...
  • "Pig Ball" - why are the girls on the sideline while all the boys get to kick a pigball around? Cavegirl isn't happy about this, particularly as the tribe are losing badly against the local opposition. Refusing to take failure lying down, Cavegirl promotes herself to team coach and manages to get the tribe performing like a proper team with brilliant results of course!

Title: Cavegirl Rocks!
Cat no: BBCDVD1287
RRP: £12.99
Release date: 30 June
Duration: 97 minutes



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