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11 July 2014
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Fight the Fear on PS2 with Ace Lightning

Can you lead Ace Lightning on his mission to defeat the evil Lord Fear and send him and his gang back to prison in the sixth dimension?

Taking the CGI characters, the storyline and the humour from CBBC's leading drama, this third person action adventure is set for release on PlayStation 2 this Spring.

The only way to capture Lord Fear is to collect all the pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar, which he has hidden throughout the spooky Carnival of Doom - a scary place full of exaggeratedly imposing tents, rides and sideshows, with distorted geometry and disturbing lighting effects.

You must guide Ace Lightning, the foremost of the Lightning Knights, around the eerie halls of the Carnival, and into its four zones - the Ghost Town, Fun Park, Circus and House of Horror - on his great quest to collect the pieces of the Amulet.

In each of the game's three-dimensional zones, you'll need to use Ace's skills to negotiate three different levels, and use his weapons to defeat a variety of weird and wonderful henchmen - from crazy clowns to ghost town zombies, insane can-can girls to mischievous fairground monkeys - before meeting Lord Fear's gang of 'zone bosses', which include the TV series' Lady Illusion, Pigface, Googler and Dirty Rat.

Once all the parts of the Amulet have been recovered, the game climaxes with a final show down between superhero Ace Lightning and his evil nemesis Lord Fear in the Haunted House!

Ace Lightning is based on the pre-teen TV adventure of the same name - which airs this Spring on BBC ONE. The production combines live action and CGI animated characters from a video game that come to life and interact with the real world in a classic good versus evil, 'save the world' adventure.

RRP: £29.99
Released: 14/03/03

The PlayStation 2 title is being developed by Absolute Studios, which has previously worked on numerous BBC Multimedia titles including Operation Salvage, the game based on Walking With Beasts.

Ace Lightning is also available on PC CD-ROM and Game Boy Advance.


About Ace Lightning TV series:
The series follows the adventures of 13-year-old Mark Hollander, recently arrived in North America from England. While playing his favourite Ace Lightning video game, Mark discovers a secret level to the game that should not exist. As Mark is exploring the level, his house is struck by lightning. Electricity courses through the console, bringing the characters within the game to life. Believing the real world to be another level of the video game, the central character, Ace Lightning, enlists Mark to help him defeat the evil Lord Fear and his cronies, and help him to find the missing pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar.

Of course, while all this excitement is taking place, Mark still has to juggle a normal life of school, family, and his friends.

Ace Lightning is a co-production between BBC and Alliance Atlantis, the renowned Canadian producer of children's programmes. Writers have been commissioned from the video games industry, action comics, and children's programmes. The series comprises 26 x 24 minute episodes, the first 13 of which were screened in Autumn 2002, which will be repeated and followed with the second 13 in Spring 2003.

Ace Lightning's web site,, which includes updates on the series, background to the characters and a range of games and downloads, attracts 1.5 million page impressions a month.

About BBC Multimedia:
BBC Multimedia, the software publishing division of BBC Worldwide, publishes console and PC games, as well as interactive entertainment products for mobile and other platforms. In addition, BBC Multimedia creates children's and reference titles for PC and consoles. All the company's interactive products are developed with an emphasis on innovation, entertainment, creativity, learning and the quality the BBC is renowned for. You can find out more about its catalogue of titles on the BBC Multimedia website -



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