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24 September 2014
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First ever Fimbles books and videos out 28 October


Children all over the UK can get their very own Fimbling Feeling when they discover the first ever Fimbles books and videos from BBC Worldwide on 28 October.

This first Fimbles publishing range is based on the brand new pre-school landmark series from the BBC. Fimbles centres on the adventures of three special creatures, Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom, who love to play and spend their days exploring the world in which they live. When the Fimbles get the Fimbling Feeling, their fingers twinkle, their topknots twitch and their noses wrinkle with excitement as the Fimbles discover finds which lead to a rich mix of imagining, games, songs and play.

There are two storybooks, both priced at £3.99, one activity book, also £3.99, and a sticker book, £2.99, to capture children's imaginations and all are set in the enchanting world of the Fimbles. The Fimbles delight in finding things, just as children do, and these new books capture that special feeling.

Blue tells the story of how Fimbo finds some blue in one of the Playdips. He accidentally spills and then steps in it and leaves blue footprints behind him. When Florrie, Baby Pom and Rockit come across the blue footprints they decide that they are footprints of the Blue Galoo, and set out to find the elusive Galoo.

Suitcase is an enchanting story all about Florrie's discovery of an empty suitcase. Bessie points out that empty suitcases can be much more interesting than full ones and so Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom decide to pack up their most favourite things. They only question is, what should they leave behind?

The new book range also includes the first ever Fimbles sticker book which contains five spreads all with different scenes from Fimbles' magical valley. The book comes complete with re-usable stickers of all the characters, Fimbo, Florrie, Baby Pom, Bessie, Roly Mo, Rockit and Ribble, and objects ready for finding.

In a brand new activity book with 24 pages packed with colouring-in, mazes, 'match the picture' games, and dot-to-dot fun, all based on their new friends, the Fimbles encourage young children to get involved on every page.

As part of the first ever Fimbles publishing range two special videos will be released on 28 October. Get the Fimbling Feeling (BBCV7343) features three episodes, which focus on finding and learning about new objects. In Suitcase Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom find an empty suitcase and decide to pack up their most favourite favourite things. Florrie pretends to be a queen for a day, in Tambourine, after making the perfect crown from a tambourine she finds. In Hoop, Fimbo uses a hoop as a steering wheel so he can pretend to be a bus driver for a day and take all of his friends on a journey. Both videos cost £9.99 each.

Let's Find the Fimbles (BBCV7344) features sketches based around imagination and discovery and includes the episodes Blue, Wig and Jingly Hat. In Blue, Florrie, Baby Pom and Rockit set out to find the elusive Blue Galoo. In Wig, Fimbo spots what looks like a bright pink sparkly hedgehog. It turns out to be a bright pink sparkly wig and so he and Rockit decide it would be great fun to play a trick on the girls. In Jingly Hat, Baby Pom finds a hat with a jingly bell on the top but she just can't workout how to keep it quiet!

Fimbles is produced by Novel Entertainment for BBC/ BBC Worldwide Limited.

Blue ISBN 0563 53224 6 £3.99
Suitcase ISBN 0563 53241 6 £3.99
Sticker Book ISBN 0563 53223 8 £3.99
Activity Book ISBN 0563 53222 X £2.99

Get the Fimbling Feeling BBCV7343 9.99
Let's Find the Fimbles BBCV7344 9.99

Look out for the brand new BBC Fimbles magazine, out later this year.



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