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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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About the BBC Press Office website

The BBC Press Office website offers journalists BBC press releases and press packs, programme information, biographies and speeches.

No password is required to access the site.

You can send an email direct to the BBC Press Office via the Press Enquiries page.

The BBC Press Office is open at these hours (UK time):

Mondays to Fridays, 8.00am-midnight
Saturdays, Sundays & UK public holidays, 10.00am–11.00pm

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Images on the BBC Press Office website are for illustrative purposes only. They are subject to copyright and you may not use them without permission.

To obtain images for editorial usage for print and digital press media based in the UK, Ireland or the Benelux, please email If you wish to request an image you have seen on this website, include the web address of the page on which it appears.

A free (password protected) website,, is available for UK, Ireland and Benelux-based print and digital press media to download images promoting the BBC's current and future programming.

Please note: from 28/02/11 until further notice, BBC Pictures will no longer be accepting any new registrations to this site – an interim measure to allow BBC Pictures to upgrade its web service.

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Content available on the BBC Press Office website

Press releases and press packs can be found by date (from 2002 onwards), by search and, for more recent releases, by category.

BBC Worldwide releases are included in a separate section – BBC Worldwide.

BBC World releases are included in a separate section – BBC World.

Programme Information is available for Network TV and Network Radio in webpage format.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Programme Information is also available but in pdf format.

There are approximately 100 Biographies on the site of key BBC staff.

The site also includes key Speeches made by senior BBC figures.

Please note: the content on this site is primarily intended for professional use by journalists and therefore may occasionally feature material which is not suitable for viewing by minors.

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The Press Office website has two search engines – one to search the BBC and one to search the BBC Press Office.

Search BBC Press Office

This search box can be found at the top-right hand side of the Press Office website.

The BBC Press Office search will find content from the BBC Press Office website only.

Search the BBC

At the top of every page is the pan-BBC search. Results from this box will find pages from the whole of the BBC, including BBC News and Sport, plus BBC audio & visual content.

You can view all the results at once, or limit your search to just BBC News and Sport articles, BBC News and Sport or BBC TV and Radio programmes. You will also see results from selected websites from outside the BBC, these are called 'Elsewhere on the Web'.

For more information on BBC searches, go to

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Feed icon RSS

Keeping up-to-date with the information you need from the billions of pages on the web can be time-consuming and tedious.

RSS is a means of overcoming this - it delivers the latest news and features directly to you, so that you no longer have to click from site to site.

There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but the majority agree on 'Really Simple Syndication'.

In simple terms, it allows you to identify the content you like and have it delivered directly to your personalised web page or feed reader.

It takes the effort out of staying up-to-date, by showing you the very latest information that you are interested in.

The BBC offers many RSS feeds, including BBC News, BBC Sport and Doctor Who. Visit the BBC's Feed Factory website for a simple listing of them.

Still not sure about RSS? The BBC Feed Factory Help page has a simple guide to understanding RSS - and instructions on how to receive RSS feeds from the BBC Press Office website.

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Email alerts

The BBC Press Office offers an email alert service for journalists. This service is not available to non-journalists.

Journalists who wish to sign up for email alerts should complete our Press and Media Enquiries form.

Please indicate which service you require by stating the required option, from the list below, in the "Enquiry – subject" line:

  • Subscribe to press release email alerts
  • Subscribe to TV Programme Information (PI) email alerts
  • Subscribe to Radio Programme Information (PI) email alerts
  • Subscribe to email alerts for press releases, TV PI and Radio PI

Subscriber information: The BBC may contact you in the future for your opinions and views on this service. Participation in any user research is at your discretion and you do not have to take part.

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