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13 November 2014
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Clinton reports live across Somerset

Clinton reporting from Police HQ

Taunton Bureau

Chief Somerset Correspondent Clinton Rogers covers the whole of Somerset for BBC Points West. Based within the studios of BBC Somerset Sound he works closely with radio colleagues and the webteam for the county.

Few counties can boast such treasures... Glastonbury Tor, the wildlife havens of the Somerset Levels and Exmoor National Park and the more contemporary gems like the Glastonbury Music Festival and, of course, the Somerset cider farms.

From Exmoor to the Blackmoor Vale,  and from the coastline of Weston-super-Mare to the rolling terrain of the Blackdown Hills, Clinton Rogers staffs the Taunton Bureau.

Clinton has been a journalist since the age of 16 and chose the career because he likes talking (to anyone who will listen!)

He got into television after "more years than he cares to remember" working on radio and in newspapers.

For Clinton, the fun of the job is the unpredictability.

"One day you can be up to your knees in mud at Glastonbury, then the next day covering a royal visit or reporting from the Crown Court," says Clinton.

Among his hobbies is playing football - but only against other veterans - and playing the guitar (badly).

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You are in: Points West > Points West districts > Taunton Bureau

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