World War One At Home On Radio Ulster

World War One At Home On Radio Ulster

As part of World War One at Home series, BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle introduces a series of short programmes marking the centenary of the Great War. Ranging across the UK and Ireland, each programme focuses on a particular place that played its own small part in the global conflict. The series is introduced by Helen Mark. Find hundreds more stories from the UK & Ireland at

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  • 14 Nov 3MB

    14 Nov 2014 Farnham and Nugent, County Cavan

    The Great War, like previous conflicts, saw many members of what might be called the Irish landed gentry serve as

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 13 Nov 3MB

    13 Nov 2014 Scouts Harvest, McMordie Scout Hall, Belfast

    By 1918 - the last year of the war - so many men had left home to fight that farmers faced a struggle to bring in the

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 12 Nov 3MB

    12 Nov 2014 Shamrock League, Limerick

    The Shamrock has been synonymous with Ireland for centuries. But less well known is the role it played during the First

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 11 Nov 3MB

    11 Nov 2014 St Malachy's Church, Belfast

    St Malachy’s, on Alfred Street close to City Hall, is one of Belfast’s oldest Catholic Churches and is perhaps best

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 10 Nov 3MB

    10 Nov 2014 HMS Viknor, Ballycastle

    The ruins of Bonamargy Friary perch against the skyline on the County Antrim coast between Ballycastle and Fair Head.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 08 Aug 3MB

    08 Aug 2014: Sphagnum Moss, Co. Kildare

    Amazingly absorbent and antiseptic sphagnum moss from the Bog of Allen, and other bogs, was used to make medical

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 07 Aug 3MB

    07 Aug 2014: Harland and Wolff, Belfast

    Subterfuge was alive in Harland & Wolff during the war when the Belfast shipyard disguised ordinary cargo vessels as

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 06 Aug 3MB

    06 Aug 2014: Andrew's Mill, Comber

    Finest quality linen yarn from Comber in County Down covered the wooden frames of fighter planes, inspiring the

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 05 Aug 3MB

    05 Aug 2014: Ballyclare Comrades, Co. Antrim

    Ballyclare Comrades in County Antrim is one of the few existing football teams that can trace its formation back to

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 04 Aug 3MB

    04 Aug 2014: Royal Irish Fusiliers, Carrickfergus

    Great friendships were sparked in Carrickfergus with the wartime influx of Royal Irish Fusiliers from Cavan and

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 29 Jun 3MB

    29 June 2014: Shankill Road, Belfast

    An English missionary in west Belfast saw the war as a perfect opportunity for Protestants and Catholics to unite in

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 28 Jun 3MB

    28 June 2014: Warrenpoint, Co. Down

    In July 1915, a spectacular military recruitment rally in Warrenpoint saw nationalists and unionists share the same

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 13 Jun 3MB

    13 June 2014: Slane, Co. Meath

    A modest cottage in Slane is the birthplace of war poet, Francis Ledwidge, who died at Passchendaele on the Western

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 12 Jun 3MB

    12 June 2014: Arklow, Co. Wicklow

    Kynoch’s munitions factory in Arklow employed thousands of men, women and children to make artillery shells – many

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 11 Jun 3MB

    11 June 2014: Kilroot, Co. Antrim

    Sharp-eyed soldiers at Kilroot artillery battery guarded Belfast Lough from the threat of German attack.

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 10 Jun 4MB

    10 June 2014: Lurgan, Co. Armagh

    Like many small local newspapers, the Lurgan Mail provided its own unique window on the war’s progress.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 09 Jun 3MB

    09 June 2014: Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

    Five small streets now buried under a car park in Enniskillen - an area still known as ‘The Dardanelles’ – were

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 08 Jun 3MB

    08 June 2014: Belfast, Co. Antrim

    A busy noodle bar in Belfast was once the site of a family jewellers which manufactured military cap badges and a unique

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 07 Jun 4MB

    07 June 2014: Whitehead, Co. Antrim

    A grand Victorian house in Whitehead offered a refuge for children whose mothers were unable to care for them.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 06 Jun 3MB

    06 June 2014: Newtownards, Co. Down

    Veterans frustrated by the failure to commemorate their fallen friends build a memorial out of snow in Newtownards.

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 05 Jun 3MB

    05 June 2014: Monaghan town, Co. Monaghan

    Fleeing German forces in 1914, Belgian refugees brought particular skills, including the De Neve sisters who set up a

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 04 Jun 4MB

    04 June 2014: Kilkeel, Co. Down

    In the last week of May 1918, a German U-boat lay in wait as a small fleet of fishing boats sailed out of Kilkeel

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 03 Jun 3MB

    03 June 2014: Great Northern Railway, Dundalk

    In 1913 the Great Northern Railway in Dundalk converted nine carriages into an ambulance train, bringing up to a hundred

    Duration: 5 mins

  • 02 Jun 3MB

    02 June 2014: Queens University, Belfast

    Alive with youth and optimism today, the grounds of Queen’s University Belfast once housed a hospital for those

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 07 Mar 4MB

    07 March 2014: Conlig Lead Mine, Co. Down

    Conlig lead mine near Newtownards was a focal point for local paranoia about German spies.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 06 Mar 3MB

    06 March 2014: Hely's Printers, Dublin

    Hely's Printers in Dublin benefited from the booming business of recruitment posters.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 05 Mar 4MB

    05 March 2014: Drumalis House, Larne

    Months before war was declared, Larne’s grandly sedate Drumalis House was a centre for gunrunning in Edward Carson’s

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 04 Mar 3MB

    04 March 2014: Somme Drum, Derry

    In 1914, the Hamilton Flute Band from Londonderry joined the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Their bass drum, now housed

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 03 Mar 4MB

    03 March 2014: Bentra Airships, Whitehead

    Bentra Golf Course in Whitehead is revealed as the site of an airship mooring station, crucial in the fight against the

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 02 Mar 3MB

    02 March 2014: Redmond's speech, Woodenbridge

    In September 1914, MP John Redmond made an impromptu and divisive speech at Woodenbridge, Co Wicklow.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 01 Mar 3MB

    01 March 2014: Lurgan Courthouse, Co. Armagh

    Lurgan Courthouse, now a bar and bistro in the town, once loomed over soldiers’ wives accused of drunk and

    Duration: 6 mins

  • 28 Feb 3MB

    28 Feb 2014: Templemore POW camp: Tipperary

    Templemore Barracks is today home to the training college for An Garda Siochana, but in 1914 it housed over two thousand

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 27 Feb 4MB

    27 Feb 2014: Lough Swilly, Donegal

    Lough Swilly, in County Donegal, provided shelter for the entire British Grand Fleet in autumn 1914. Kite balloons were

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 26 Feb 3MB

    26 Feb 2014: St. James's Gate, Dublin

    In 1914 St James’s Gate in Dublin was home to Guinness, the world’s largest brewery. Company ships, ordinarily used

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 25 Feb 3MB

    25 Feb 2014: Steele's Cycle Shop, Omagh

    In early 1915, Omagh bicycle agent Sam Steele received an urgent order for 50 bicycles fitted with rifle slips. The

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 24 Feb 4MB

    24 Feb 2014: Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast

    In 1914 Belfast’s Crumlin Road Gaol housed militant suffragettes. When war was declared Christabel Pankhurst called on

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 20 Feb 1MB

    worldwar: 20 Feb 14 New Podcast

    Welcome to this new podcast from the BBC. The first episode will appear shortly - for more information go to

    Duration: 1 min