Word of Mouth

              Word of Mouth

              Michael Rosen shares his love of words and looks at our lives past and present through the prism of language.

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              • 12 May 15: Young Women as Linguistic Innovators

                Tue, 12 May 15

                28 mins

                20 days remaining

                How has Kim Kardashian influenced the way you speak? More than you'd imagine! Michael Rosen and Laura Wright discuss the role of young women in language innovation across cultures, with the help of Dr Enam El-Wer of Essex University.

                Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • 05 May 15: Colour Words

                Tue, 5 May 15

                28 mins

                13 days remaining

                Michael Rosen and Laura Wright talk to Carole Biggam about the ways in which we name and describe colours, and how that's changed through history.

                Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

              • 28 Apr 15: Naming Family Relationships - Step, Half or 'Blended'?

                Tue, 28 Apr 15

                29 mins

                6 days remaining

                Michael Rosen & Dr Laura Wright consider the names we give to our family relationships: stepmother, half-brother or "blended" family. Author and social critic Dr Wednesday Martin has strong opinions on the effects of these linguistic choices. Where do the words we use for our relatives come from and what do the choices we make say about us?

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