Essential Phil Williams

Essential Phil Williams

Entertaining chat and interviews covering sport, showbiz and news with Phil Williams, taken from his evening news show on BBC Radio 5 live.

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  • 07 May 11MB

    williams: Team Talk 6 May 15

    5 live's Conor McNamara and NBC's Arlo White talk about the big football stories of the week, including what Leicester's

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 05 May 11MB

    williams: David Nicholls 05 April 15

    Best selling author of One Day , David Nicholls speaks to Phil about his latest novel Us and his screenplay for Far from

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 05 May 11MB

    williams: Back Row 04 May 15

    Blur's No.1 album, The Enfield Haunting's first night, Bugsy and Groundhog Day the musicals: Phil Williams is joined for

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 29 Apr 10MB

    williams: Team talk 29 Apr 15

    All the teams going up and down and the latest on the title and relegation battles discussed by Conor McNamara and Mark

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 29 Apr 11MB

    williams: Jesse Armstrong, 28th April 2015

    Peep Show and The Thick Of It writer Jesse Armstrong talks to Phil Williams about his comedy writing career, and why

    Duration: 23 mins

  • 28 Apr 10MB

    williams: Back Row 27th April 2015

    The Hoziers, Steven Moffat on persuading Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to do Sherlock and Avengers Age of

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 22 Apr 10MB

    williams: Team Talk 22 APR 15

    Phil is joined by 5 live's Conor McNamara and former Ireland international Kevin Kilbane to discuss the week's football

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 22 Apr 13MB

    williams: Clare Grogan 21 Apr 15

    Clare Grogan, star of Eastenders, Red Dwarf, Gregory's Girl and Altered Images speaks to Phil Williams.

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 21 Apr 10MB

    williams: Back Row 20 Apri 15

    Hugh Bonneville and Andy Garcia pay tribute to actor Kevin Spacey at the end of his 12 years in charge of London's Old

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 15 Apr 11MB

    williams: Team Talk 15 Apr 15

    Phil is joined by 5 live's Conor McNamara and Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail to discuss the week's football stories,

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 14 Apr 12MB

    williams: Noddy Holder 14 Apr 15

    Neville Holder. You may know him better as NODDY Holder the lead singer and co-songwriter with Slade who in the

    Duration: 25 mins

  • 13 Apr 10MB

    williams: Back Row 13 APR 15

    Back Row - the new official vinyl chart, last night's Olivier awards and the leaking of new episodes of Games of

    Duration: 22 mins

  • 09 Apr 10MB

    williams: Team Talk, 08 Apr 15

    Where has it all gone wrong for Man City? Will Liverpool make it into Europe, weekend wonder goals and who will survive

    Duration: 21 mins

  • 07 Apr 12MB

    williams: Phil Swern 7 Apr 15

    Phil speaks to British record and radio producer Phil Swern, who used to wrestle with Reg Dwight for records in the

    Duration: 26 mins