Woman's Hour Power List 2014 – Game Changers

Woman's Hour Power List 2014 – Game Changers

Which ten women in the UK have done most to game-change the way power operates in the UK, whether in culture, business, politics or campaigns? Emma Barnett, chair of our 2014 panel, presents the latest discussions and features related to the Power List and the theme of game changers ahead of the announcement of our top ten on Wednesday 9 April.

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  • 09 Apr 22MB

    Power List - Game Changers Edition 3

    The Woman's Hour Power List 2014 - Game Changers was finally revealed. Hear Emma Barnett, Jenni Murray, Jane Garvey and

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 03 Apr 13MB

    Power List - Game Changers Edition 2

    With the final Power List meeting completed, how do our judges feel about the top ten Game Changers list? Emma Barnett,

    Duration: 28 mins

  • 19 Mar 15MB

    Power List - Game Changers Edition 1

    Chair of 2014's Power List, Emma Barnett, takes us through the latest deliberations for this year's top ten Game

    Duration: 32 mins

  • 16 Dec 5MB

    WHPower: Lady Barbara Judge: 16 Dec 2013

    Lady Barbara Judge CBE has been a pioneer for women in the worlds of law, banking and business, and is known as one of

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 11 Dec 5MB

    WHPower: Sara Thornton, 11th December 2013

    Number 18 on our Woman's Hour Power List, Sara Thornton, Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police joins Jenni to talk

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 09 Dec 5MB

    WHPower: Marisa Drew 9th December 2013

    Marisa Drew works at Credit Suisse where she is the company’s most senior female investment banker in Europe,

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 28 Nov 6MB

    WHPower: Power Lister Baroness Hale 28 Nov 13

    Lady Hale is Deputy President of the Supreme Court. Her role makes her the most senior female judge in British legal

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 25 Nov 4MB

    WHPower: Louise Casey November 25th 2013

    Louise Casey is Director General of the Troubled Families Unit, charged with helping some of the country’s most in

    Duration: 9 mins

  • 20 Nov 4MB

    WHPower: Lady Helen Hamlyn 20 Nov 13

    Helen Hamlyn is one of Britain's best known philanthropists. In 1984 her husband, the late publisher Paul Hamlyn gave

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 18 Nov 5MB

    WHPower: Pinky Lilani OBE; 18 Nov 2013

    Woman's Hour Power Lister Pinky Lilani on the importance of making connections with others.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 13 Nov 5MB

    WHPower: Ann Cairns 13 Nov 2013

    Ann is the daughter of a Newcastle shoemaker, became one of the first women to be qualified to work on offshore oil and

    Duration: 9 mins

  • 12 Nov 5MB

    WHPower: Mary Curnock Cook

    Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive of UCAS.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 11 Nov 6MB

    WHPower: Professor Dame Carol Black; 11 Nov 2013

    Dame Professor Carol Black is the country’s leading expert adviser on health and work. The principal of Newnham

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 05 Nov 6MB

    WHPower: Dido Harding

    Dido Harding has been the CEO of TalkTalk Group for just over three years, having previously worked for top retailers

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 01 Nov 5MB

    WHPower: Professor Sue Bailey 1st Nov 2013

    Professor Sue Bailey talks about her work as a child and adolescent forensic psychiatrist.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 31 Oct 5MB

    WHPower: Dame Julie Moore 31 Oct 13

    Dame Julie Moore is Chief Executive of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. She spent ten years in

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 30 Oct 8MB

    Cressida Dick 30 Oct 13

    Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick serves as the most senior female officer within the Metropolitan Police, a rank

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 22 Oct 5MB

    Dr. Clare Gerada 22 Oct 13

    Clare Gerada is a GP and Chair of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a position she holds until

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 26 Sep 4MB

    WHPower: Dame Vivien Duffield

    Philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield inherited a vast fortune in 1979 after the death of her father Sir Charles Clore,

    Duration: 9 mins

  • 26 Sep 6MB

    WHPower: Yvette Cooper MP

    Since becoming an MP, Yvette Cooper has been tipped for high office, becoming the first female Chief Secretary to the

    Duration: 12 mins

  • 26 Sep 5MB

    WHPower: Lady Justice Arden

    Lady Justice Arden sits on the Court of Appeal and is the UK's second most senior female judge. Twenty years ago she was

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 26 Sep 8MB

    WHPower: Harriet Harman MP 23 Sep 13

    Harriet Harman, Labour's deputy leader and Power Lister, talks to Jane Garvey from the party's annual conference about

    Duration: 17 mins

  • 31 Jul 4MB

    WHPower: Jasmine Whitbread

    Jasmine Whitbread, the chief executive of Save the Children International, left her highly paid job in the commercial

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 24 Jul 5MB

    WHPower: Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley

    Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley is a philanthropist and The Shirley Foundation is one of the top 50 grant-giving

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 23 Jul 7MB

    WHPower: Professor Dame Sally Davies 23 July 2013

    Professor Dame Sally Davies is the Chief Medical Officer for England and the first woman to fill this post. She guides

    Duration: 14 mins

  • 22 Jul 6MB

    WHPower: Karren Brady

    Karren Brady is well known as the right hand woman to Sir Alan Sugar on TV’s The Apprentice, and also as a formidable

    Duration: 12 mins

  • 02 Jul 20MB

    WHPower: How to be a Powerful Woman Films 02 Jul 13

    How to be a Powerful Woman - a series of Woman's Hour Power List films are launched in this live programme, presented by

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 12 Jun 5MB

    WHPower: Sophie Turner Laing

    Sophie Turner Laing is the Managing Director, Content of BskyB. She’s responsible for their entertainment and news

    Duration: 9 mins

  • 06 Jun 20MB

    WHPower: Ann Widdecombe & Fines Unmarried Mothers in China 06 June 13

    Ann Widdecombe, fines for unmarried mothers in China, US author Curtis Sittenfeld and the proposed anti-social behaviour

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 23 May 4MB

    WHPower: Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

    Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson reveals how life as a top athlete helped her prepare for the rough and tumble of politics

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 07 May 5MB

    WHPower: Joanna Lumley 07 May 13

    Joanna Lumley is best known as the champagne-swilling fashion luvvie Patsy in the television series Absolutely Fabulous.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 11 Apr 4MB

    WHPower: Helena Morrissey 11 Apr 13

    Helena Morrissey is the Chief Executive of her own investment company and the founder of the 30 per cent club, and a

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 05 Apr 5MB

    WHPower: Dame Sue Ion 5 April 13

    Dame Sue Ion has spent her life working in engineering. She’s been involved in shaping the UK’s energy policy for

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 28 Mar 4MB

    WHPower: Lucy Heller, Mar 28th 2013

    Lucy Heller is the Chief Executive of ARK, an organisation that oversee the running of 18 academies in disadvantaged

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 18 Mar 6MB

    WHPower: Baroness Sue Campbell 18 Mar 13

    Baroness Sue Campbell has been Chair of UK Sport for ten years now. Also Chair of Youth Sport, a former England netball

    Duration: 12 mins

  • 22 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Nicola Shindler 22 Feb 13

    Nicola Shindler started her career in 1993 at Granada Television and eventually became script editor on crime drama

    Duration: 7 mins

  • 19 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Frances O'Grady 19 Feb 13

    Frances O’Grady took up her post as the General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress last month, the first woman to

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 14 Feb 5MB

    WHPower: Tessa Ross 14 Feb 2013

    Jenni interviews Tessa Ross, Controller of Film and Drama at Channel 4 who is on the Woman's Hour power list.

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 13 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Rt Hon Theresa May MP 13 Feb 13

    Home Secretary Theresa May has been named by the Power List judges as the most powerful woman in politics in Britain

    Duration: 9 mins

  • 12 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Heather Rabbatts 12 Feb 13

    Heather Rabbatts, the first woman director of the Football Association, joins Jane to talk about her place on the

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 12 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Power List Deliberations 07 Feb 13

    Over the past couple of months Eve Pollard and her team of judges – Priti Patel MP, Val McDermid, Dawn O’Porter,

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 12 Feb 4MB

    WHPower: Power List Deliberations 06 Feb 13

    Over the past couple of months Eve Pollard and her team of judges – Priti Patel MP, Val McDermid, Dawn O’Porter,

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 23 Jan 5MB

    WHPower: Angela Merkel 18 Jan 13

    Jenni Murray interviews Angela Merkel's biographer Margaret Heckel about Merkel's life and legacy.

    Duration: 10 mins

  • 08 Jan 4MB

    WHPower: Protest versus lobbying 08 Jan 13

    What is the best way for women to engage in the political process – march and shout loudly or engage in subtle

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 03 Jan 4MB

    WHPower: The women to watch in 2013: 3 Jan 13

    As the Woman's Hour Power List judges consider who the most powerful women in the UK are at the start of 2013, we take a

    Duration: 8 mins

  • 28 Dec 6MB

    WHPower: Power List 28 Dec 11

    The 80s was the decade associated with power dressing. But what would a 21st century woman choose to wear for success?

    Duration: 13 mins

  • 21 Dec 9MB

    WHPower: 21 Dec 12

    Do women have an effective equivalent of the old boys’ network? And is it possible to name our power list without the

    Duration: 18 mins

  • 14 Dec 6MB

    WHPower:Does Power Change You

    It was Lord Acton, the British historian, who said: “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts

    Duration: 12 mins

  • 07 Dec 9MB

    WHPower: Britain and the World and Is Power Sexy?

    If we were making a global power list, who would be on it? Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton are a given. Who are the

    Duration: 19 mins

  • 30 Nov 5MB

    WHPower: Celebrity Power

    Why do we give celebrities such power, and how seriously should celebrities take their status as role models? Jenni is

    Duration: 11 mins

  • 22 Nov 11MB

    WHPower: Eve Pollard, Anne McElvoy and Julia Hobsbawm on power

    Which women have the biggest impact on our economy, society, politics & culture? Eve Pollard talks to Jenni about the

    Duration: 24 mins

  • 16 Nov 1MB

    WHPower: Welcome

    Welcome to the Woman's Hour Power List.

    Duration: 1 min