Woman’s Hour Daily Podcast

Woman’s Hour Daily Podcast

Woman's Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news, with subjects ranging widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Presented by Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey. Find out more at www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/womanshour

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  • 20 Apr 23MB

    WHNews: Not Just Morning Sickness, Adolescent anxiety

    Why more couples are turning to therapy before their relationship gets rocky. Abstract artist Sonia Delaunay who's being

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 18 Apr 27MB

    Weekend WH: Carey Mulligan & Wedding dress etiquette

    Carey Mulligan talks about playing Bathsheba in the new film version of Far From the Madding Crowd. In October 2012,

    Duration: 57 mins

  • 17 Apr 19MB

    Carey Mulligan; Julie Fowlis

    Carey Mulligan on starring in Far From the Madding Crowd; Revenge porn in South Asian communities; Katherine Freese,

    Duration: 41 mins

  • 16 Apr 23MB

    WHNews: identity after 50; children's injuries - spotting abuse

    Personal identity after 50 - does your sense of self change, and is it a good time to set new life goals? Columnist

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 15 Apr 19MB

    WHNews: Ed Miliband; Noomi Rapace

    Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to Jenni about his party's offer to women voters at this General Election, on the day

    Duration: 40 mins

  • 14 Apr 21MB

    WHNews: Hollie McNish: Coral and Paul Jones

    On today's Woman's Hour we hear from Coral and Paul Jones, the parents of April, who was abducted and murdered in

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 13 Apr 23MB

    WHNews: Hillary Clinton runs again; Patricia Duncker

    Hillary Clinton's second run for the US presidency; Do women voters respond to negative campaigning; research on who

    Duration: 50 mins

  • 11 Apr 25MB

    Weekend WH: Body beautiful & the role of Grandma

    For the first time the Women’s Boat Race will be rowed on the same day and place as the men’s. Clare Balding will be

    Duration: 53 mins

  • 10 Apr 21MB

    Women's Boat Race; Sexual consent training for footballers

    Clare Balding on Women's Boat Race; Sexual consent training for footballers; Susan Daniels, CEO National Deaf Children's

    Duration: 44 mins

  • 09 Apr 21MB

    WHNews: Nazi Grandfather; Teen agony aunts

    The woman who discovered that her grandfather was the Nazi war criminal Amon Goeth talks about how she found out and

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 08 Apr 19MB

    Life Expectancy. Returnships.

    Women's life expectancy. Returnships - helping to get qualified people back to work after long career breaks. The body

    Duration: 40 mins

  • 07 Apr 20MB

    WHNews: Billie Holiday; Mourning Relationship Break-ups

    On Woman's Hour today Emma Barnett is joined by singer Rebecca Ferguson and author of 'With Billie', Julia Blackburn, to

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 06 Apr 20MB

    Craft Special

    Craft skills contribute a huge amount (3.4 billion) to the UK economy each year, but at the same time, ‘craft’ just

    Duration: 43 mins

  • 04 Apr 25MB

    WH: Weekend Woman's Hour: Katie Brayben, Ageism in Teaching

    Katie Brayben, playing Carole King in the West End. Clare Grogan on her children's books. Steph Hagen takes Jane around

    Duration: 54 mins

  • 03 Apr 21MB

    Food writer Rosemary Moon. Life after Care

    Food writer Rosemary Moon chooses the perfect whisky to go with food. Three young women share their very different

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 02 Apr 21MB

    Sex by Numbers; Ageism in teaching; Detaining pregnant women

    Sex by Numbers - Professor David Spiegelhalter on British sexual lifestyles; Ageism in teacher recruitment according to

    Duration: 46 mins

  • 01 Apr 20MB

    WHNews: Katie Brayben; Yasmin Alibhai-Brown;

    On Woman's Hour today Jane Garvey speaks to Katie Brayben, currently starring as Carole King in the West End musical

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 31 Mar 23MB

    WH: Poldark, Clare Grogan, Charlotte Metcalf

    Martin Daubney and Tanya Gold on the objectification of men by women. Clare Grogan explains how life as a teenage pop

    Duration: 49 mins

  • 30 Mar 22MB

    WHNews: Girls' Self Harm; Food banks; Louise Stern

    The role of social media in self-harm, with Lucie Russell from the charity Young Minds and girls' school headteacher Dr

    Duration: 47 mins

  • 28 Mar 27MB

    Weekend WH: Cinderella & Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall talks about her new role tackling the subject of ageing and the menopause. Online vigilante group, Dark

    Duration: 57 mins

  • 27 Mar 21MB

    WHNews: Cinderella; Tina Brown

    On today's Woman's Hour we hear from Tina Brown, Executive Producer of the BBC 2 documentary Hillary Clinton: The Power

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 26 Mar 21MB

    Actor Sissy Spacek talks about Bloodline

    Actor Sissy Spacek talks about her new series Bloodline. Is Kindness the new power? Is a job in admin a path to

    Duration: 45 mins

  • 25 Mar 19MB

    WHNews: Feminism or Equalism? Paedophile Vigilantes

    Are you a feminist or an equalist? Barrister Charlotte Proudman and scientist Dr Laura Waters join Jenni to discuss.

    Duration: 42 mins

  • 24 Mar 23MB

    WH: Kim Cattrall; Natalie Bennett; Anti-Gang Education

    Kim Cattrall discusses dark comedy Sensitive Skin; Natalie Bennett on why she believes her party is enjoying a 'Green

    Duration: 48 mins

  • 23 Mar 22MB

    WHNews: Alexander McQueen; Gender Pay Reporting

    Fashion designer Alexander McQueen through the eyes of his sister Janet, how to have the best dressed bump without

    Duration: 47 mins