Victoria Derbyshire's Interviews of the Week

Victoria Derbyshire's Interviews of the Week

The best moments from Victoria Derbyshire's morning programme, Monday - Friday on BBC Radio 5 live. Exclusive, news-making interviews, and powerful human interest stories.

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  • Revenge Porn 10 Apr 14

    Thu, 10 Apr 14

    10 mins

    Victoria Derbyshire speaks to a victim of revenge porn. Sarah’s ex-boyfriend posted explicit photos of her online – she says she feels like shes been raped 30000 times, the number of views the photos have generated.

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  • "Rachel" 28th March

    Fri, 28 Mar 14

    47 mins

    We talk again to "Rachel", a doctor and recovering alcoholic, whose story we've been following for the past three years. She's been telling us how she's returning to work - and you've been telling her the impact she's had on you.

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  • Forced Adoption 27 March 14

    Thu, 27 Mar 14

    23 mins

    In an exclusive interview, a mother tells Victoria Derbyshire a decision to put her children up for adoption because she may get back with her violent former partner is "cruel", "barbaric" and "completely draconian". The woman, who we're calling "Lucy" has not seen her ex for almost two years. He is currently serving a prison sentence for raping her and an injunction is in place preventing him from going near her when he's released from prison.

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  • Nick and Ben Wright

    Wed, 26 Mar 14

    39 mins

    Two brothers in their 20s who are full time carers for their father, who has young onset dementia, tell us they've decided to put their dad into long term care. Hundreds of you got in touch after Victoria's interview with Nick and Ben Wright to say what inspirational young men you thought they were. Listen to the full interview here.

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  • Janet Tyler 20 March 14

    Thu, 20 Mar 14

    29 mins

    In her first and only interview the mother of Sol Campbell’s nine year old son pleads with the footballer to start seeing his son regularly. Last week, the ex-footballer told Victoria Derbyshire he hoped to have a relationship with his son Joseph, who he hasn't seen for more than six years. Janet Tyler said she’d do anything to make that happen.

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  • Bill Hagan 17 Mar 14

    Mon, 17 Mar 14

    16 mins

    Victoria talks to retired airline pilot Bill Hagan who wrestled a hijacker to the ground by gouging his eyes - whilst his co pilot recovered their aircraft from a steep dive. The attempted hijacking happened on a British Airways London to Nairobi flight in December 2000. 398 passengers were on board.

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  • Sol Campbell 11 Mar 14

    Tue, 11 Mar 14

    46 mins

    Sol Campbell tells Victoria Derbyshire why he stands by his claims about racism in the FA, why he wouldn't advise a gay player to come out and his move from Spurs to Arsenal.

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  • Dr Allen Ault 05 Mar 14

    Wed, 5 Mar 14

    18 mins

    A man who was in charge of executions in the US state of Georgia tells Victoria Derbyshire why he's now campaigning against the death penalty. Dr Allen Ault oversaw deaths via the electric chair in the 1990s until he left his post as corrections chief in 1995. He now describes the practice as "horrific" and has received counselling to try to come to terms with his sense of guilt.

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  • Young Onset Dementia 04 Feb 14

    Tue, 4 Feb 14

    87 mins

    Living with dementia in your ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s and early ‘60s. Victoria presents a special programme from one of the country's only dedicated day support services for people with Young Onset Dementia. She’s hears from patients, from families and asks why dementia research gets 10 times less medical funding than cancer research, despite costing the economy twice as much…

    Download 40MB (right click & "save target as / link as")

  • How reliable are statistics? 23 Jan 14

    Thu, 23 Jan 14

    21 mins

    How much can we rely on official statistics? There's already been warnings about the reliability of crime stats and hospital waiting time figures - but what other data should we be worried about?

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