Vanessa Feltz Radio Show

Vanessa Feltz Radio Show

London's best radio talk show where Londoners get to discuss the light and shade of life in the capital - the Vanessa Feltz show goes out Mon-Sat from 9am-12midday on 94.9fm.

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  • 12 Sep 13MB

    Vanessa: 12th September 2014

    This week Vanessa talked about Scottish independence and asked “can you afford to retire?.” However we start with

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 05 Sep 15MB

    Vanessa: 5th September 2014

    This week London Mayor Boris Johnson spoke to Vanessa on the day the airports commission rejected his idea of a new

    Duration: 31 mins

  • 29 Aug 17MB

    Vanessa: 29th August 2014

    This week we heard about new guidelines that police forces have signed up to regarding Stop and Search. We also heard

    Duration: 37 mins

  • 22 Aug 15MB

    Vanessa: 22nd August 2014

    This week Vanessa talked to London students about their GCSE results, and on Wednesday discussed the numbers of people

    Duration: 31 mins