Vanessa Feltz Radio Show

Vanessa Feltz Radio Show

London's best radio talk show where Londoners get to discuss the light and shade of life in the capital - the Vanessa Feltz show goes out Mon-Sat from 9am-12midday on 94.9fm.

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  • 18 Apr 15MB

    Vanessa: Friday 18th April 2014

    Should working mums feel guilty? Justine Roberts from Mumsnet tells us what she thinks. Claude Knight from Kidscape

    Duration: 31 mins

  • 11 Apr 19MB

    Friday 11th April 2014

    Alex Proud, nightclub owner tells us why London is at risk of losing its 'cool'. Professor of London History Jerry White

    Duration: 40 mins

  • 04 Apr 15MB

    Vanessa: Friday 4th April 2014

    This week: Vanessa talks about the introduction of bodyworn cctv cameras on Metropolitan Police officers, emotional

    Duration: 31 mins

  • 28 Mar 17MB

    Vanessa: Friday 28th March 2014

    Vanessa asks if you would stop and help if you saw a lost child on the street, talks about domestic violence and abuse

    Duration: 37 mins