UK Confidential

UK Confidential

As previously secret government files are released to the public, former government ministers reveal the truth behind the headlines. With presenters Martha Kearney & Sue McGregor.

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  • 1984

    Fri, 10 Jan 14

    57 mins

    In 1984, Margaret Thatcher's government faced some formidable adversaries, Ken Livingstone won the costly PR war against abolition of the GLC and terror hit home with the shooting of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy and the IRA bombing of the Conservative Party Conference. As the official Cabinet papers of 1984 are opened to the public for the first time, Martha Kearney discovers how these events were viewed in Government.

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  • 1983

    Thu, 1 Aug 13

    57 mins

    It was the year that Compact Discs and £1 coins were first sold in Britain. The country was introduced to the joys of wheel clamps and breakfast television, and Shergar - the most valuable racehorse in the world - was stolen, never to be seen again. Martha Kearney uncovers the secrets within the Government files of 1983 - who said what in Cabinet, and what did the Prime Minister really think about the issues of the day?

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  • 1982

    Fri, 28 Dec 12

    57 mins

    1982 saw Britain at war with Argentina over the Falklands. Martha Kearney and guests review the political events of the year with the aid of newly released Cabinet minutes, Prime Ministerial papers and Foreign and Commonwealth Office documents.

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  • 1981

    Fri, 30 Dec 11

    57 mins

    1981 was the year of the Royal Wedding, urban riots and soaring unemployment. Martha Kearney reviews newly-released government papers from 1981 with guests including former Ministers, government advisers and leading opponents.

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  • 1980

    Thu, 30 Dec 10

    57 mins

    1980 was a year of government cutbacks, high unemployment and economic gloom. Martha Kearney and guests examine Margaret Thatcher's papers, complete with handwritten notes in the margins, from this year.

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  • 1979

    Wed, 30 Dec 09

    57 mins

    In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first female prime minister. Martha Kearney explores secret government papers released under the 30-year rule for more insight into the groundbreaking year.

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  • 1978

    Tue, 30 Dec 08

    58 mins

    Martha Kearney explores the newly released government papers from 1978, the year that saw Jim Callaghan struggle to decide the date for the general election.

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  • 1977

    Fri, 28 Dec 07

    38 mins

    Martha Kearney reviews the newly released government papers from 1977, the year that saw Jim Callaghan struggling with back-bench rebellions and turmoil in Rhodesia.

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  • 1976

    Fri, 29 Dec 06

    37 mins

    1976 was marked by the resignation of Harold Wilson and the sterling crisis. Martha Kearney presents a look at these events as told through the Cabinet papers, Foreign Office Documents and other Government papers that are being released released under the thirty year rule.

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  • 1975

    Sat, 31 Dec 05

    43 mins

    1975 was marked by the fall of Saigon, Franco’s death, and a European referendum. Martha Kearney looks at these events, told through the cabinet papers, Foreign Office Documents and those of other Government departments that have been released under the thirty year rule.

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