Best of Talkback

Best of Talkback

Talkback was Northern Ireland's first news phone-in programme and has been on air for more than 20 years. For many years it was a sounding board for the public to react and comment on the sectarian violence of the troubles and the development of the peace process. Today the agenda reflects the changing shape of Northern Ireland - topics like anti-social behaviour, hospital cleanliness and devolution issues are now high on the agenda. It is presented by Wendy Austin, one of NI's best known broadcasters.

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  • LGBT Retirement Home and Teacakes

    Mon, 28 Jul 14

    14 mins

    30 days remaining

    It's Pride Week here in Belfast, but in one retirement home in Stockholm it's pride week every week- Regnbagen is Europe's first LGBT retirement home. What do you think of this idea? How would such a retirement home be received in Northern Ireland? We were joined by Christer Fallman, who founded Regnbagen and is its youngest resident at 55. And Colin Flinn, chair of the LGBT group Cara-Friend in Belfast. We also discussed the surge in sales of Tunnocks teacakes, in the aftermath of the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Joan Burnie joined us along with Scottish designer Gillian Kyle who has tapped into the sometimes ironic affection that Scots have for various native products, including Tunnocks.

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  • 25 July 2014 Skinny dipping and guide dogs

    Fri, 25 Jul 14

    15 mins

    27 days remaining

    Today, since the weather's been hotting up, we were talking about skinny dipping! Police in County Down have said anyone caught skinny dipping on our beaches could be done for indecent exposure and be put on the sex offenders' register! We asked you what you thought. We also found out about some of Belfast's caped crusaders - super-pooches - who are taking part in this week's Belfast Pride event at Ormeau Park!

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  • Gaza

    Thu, 24 Jul 14

    17 mins

    26 days remaining

    Health officials in Gaza say more than seven-hundred Palestinians have been killed in the two-week conflict; thirty-four Israelis have died. Israel says it's trying to stop rockets being fired on its territory often from residential areas. The United Nations says one child is being killed every hour in Gaza. We spoke to Ted Tuckhill of Red Cross - he worked in Gaza for two years and is the relief and operations manager with the charity. Osama Damo is with the charity Save The Children in Gaza.

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  • Talkback:

    Tue, 22 Jul 14

    16 mins

    24 days remaining

    Wendy hears from an entymologist on the plethora of bugs that are biting us this summer.

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  • Talkback 21 July 2014: Gaza

    Mon, 21 Jul 14

    16 mins

    23 days remaining

    The Gaza conflict has continued to escalate this month and it's strongly divided opinion in Northern Ireland. We spoke to local woman Orla Devine who spent three months in the West Bank as a human rights monitor and to David McIlveen, the DUP MLA who helped set up a Friends of Israel group. Also on the podcast, are city seagulls getting out of control?

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  • Talkback 17 July 14: Symphysiotomy

    Thu, 17 Jul 14

    16 mins

    19 days remaining

    Patients were "operated upon wide awake and often screaming" that's what the UN Human Rights Committee were told earlier this week by a group reprsenting the Survivors of Symphysiotomy. The medical procedure meant that women had their pelvises broken either before or during childbirth, without consent. Conor Bradford spoke to one survivor...

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  • Obesity

    Wed, 16 Jul 14

    30 mins

    18 days remaining

    Obesity amongst children in Northern Ireland is on the rise and needs to be tackled according to a report by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. It found that a fifth of children are now overweight or obese before they reach primary school. We got reaction from parents and experts.

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  • Clash of the cartoons

    Tue, 15 Jul 14

    9 mins

    17 days remaining

    The wooly animated star Shaun the Sheep has made the cartoon hall of fame- the best Kid's TV show. It beat off competition from Postman Pat and Sooty and Sweep in a poll by the Radio Times. He first made his debut in a 1995 episode of Wallace and Gromit and stole the nations heart. Is he your favourite? A worthy winner? We spoke to Marc Silk, the voice behind Johnny Bravo, Pingu and the American version of Bob the Builder, as well as Drew Roper who started his career in animation on none other than Shaun The Sheep.

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  • 14 July 14: Female Bishops

    Mon, 14 Jul 14

    19 mins

    16 days remaining

    The Church of England's governing body, the General Synod, will vote this afternoon on whether to allow women to become bishops. 'Talkback,' presented today by Conor Bradford, looked at the issue.

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  • 11 July 2014 Magaluf

    Fri, 11 Jul 14

    8 mins

    13 days remaining

    Authorities in Majorca are bringing in new laws to crack down on drinking marathons after a video emerged of a drunk woman from Northern Ireland performing a sex act on more than 20 men. We spoke to journalist Humphrey Carter with the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

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