Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

Wales's star of the comedy circuit, Rhod Gilbert, is joined each week by a fellow comic for entertaining chat and banter. Broadcast on Radio Wales, every Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM.

Updated: weekly
Episodes available for: 30 days
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  • 23 May 13MB

    Rhod: You say 'oregano' I say 'oregano'

    Rhod is joined by Barry Castagnola to discuss amongst other things why Americans pronounce the names of herbs

    Duration: 27 mins

  • 16 May 17MB

    Rhod: Nature's Gravy 16 May 2015

    Following last week's egg confusion, Rhod and co-host Eggsy get to grips with the things we say or do that are

    Duration: 36 mins

  • 09 May 14MB

    Rhod: That Sinking Feeling 9 May 2015

    A shocked Rhod discovers he's been eating rotten eggs for 46 years, after comedian, Ben Norris does 'the science bit'.

    Duration: 29 mins

  • 02 May 22MB

    Rhod: Jest a Minute returns in Machynlleth (the full show)

    Elis James, Cariad Lloyd and Ed Gamble join Rhod as his legendary radio quiz 'Jest a Minute' returns - for one day only

    Duration: 47 mins