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  • Sampledelica - The History of the Mellotron

    Wed, 16 Apr 14

    29 mins

    Originally designed as a sophisticated and highly expensive successor to the home organ, the Mellotron became a must have for any prog rock band worth their salt and provided some of the most distinctive sounds in 60s and 70s rock (think of the opening bars of 'Strawberry Fields Forever'). Mark Radcliffe tells the story of this cumbersome but much loved instrument with the help of those that used and abused it. Part of Radio 4 on Music, bringing you the best of the Radio 4 Music Archive.

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  • Great Lives - Ian Curtis [fixed]

    Wed, 9 Apr 14

    29 mins

    Poet Simon Armitage chooses Joy Division's Ian Curtis as his Great Life and explains why to Matthew Parris. Also on hand to share his recollections is Curtis's bandmate Peter Hook, who talks frankly about his friend's suicide in 1980. Part of Radio 4 on Music, re-releasing the best of the Radio 4 Music Archive.

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  • Follow Up Albums - Suede: Dog Man Star

    Wed, 2 Apr 14

    30 mins

    Pete Paphides tells the story of Suede's difficult second album. Having had a Mercury Prize for their first, the band (led by guitarist Bernard Butler and vocalist Brett Anderson) were under considerable pressure to deliver. The recording was a difficult process, marked by increasing tensions, hedonism and eventually a breakdown in relations which led to Butler's departure before the album was finished. Butler, Anderson and producer Ed Buller talk frankly about the experience, reflecting on what many now see as the band's finest achievement.

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  • Kaleidoscope Special - Scott Walker

    Wed, 26 Mar 14

    26 mins

    In 1995 Scott Walker was about to break a silence of nearly 11 years with the release of his album 'Tilt'. In this edition of Kaleidoscope from that year, the reclusive singer and songwriter talks to Stuart Maconie about the album and his approach to making records in a revealing and rare interview. Part of Radio 4 on Music, re-releasing the best of the Radio 4 Music Archive.

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  • Star Spangled Hendrix

    Wed, 19 Mar 14

    30 mins

    Though Jimi Hendrix's apocalyptic deconstruction of the American national anthem at the Woodstock Festival is seen as one of the high points of 1960s counterculture, little is known about the guitarist's political views. Tom Robinson investigates Hendrix's attitude to the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War with the help of experts and those who knew him. Part of Radio 4 on Music, re-releasing the best of the Radio 4 music Archive.

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  • Joan Armatrading's Favourite Guitarists - Bert Jansch

    Wed, 12 Mar 14

    16 mins

    Joan Armatrading talks to the hugely influential Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch about his unique approach to the acoustic guitar in this programme from 2009.

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  • Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire

    Wed, 5 Mar 14

    43 mins

    Delia Derbyshire was one of the most important figures in British electronic music. As a member of the BBC's legendary Radiophonic Workshop, she was responsible for the unearhtly electronic realisation of the original theme for Dr Who, made in 1963. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. In this edition of Archive on 4, Matthew Sweet explores her work and airs some rare and previously unheard items from Derbyshire's vast personal archive. It's a portrait of a singular and relatively unsung talent, whose work still sounds ahead of its time over half a century later.

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  • The View from the Back - Charlie Watts

    Wed, 26 Feb 14

    30 mins

    In this edition of Kaleidoscope originally broadcast in 1994, Charlie Watts talks to Robert Sandall about his love of jazz, some of his formative musical experiences and why the drums 'frighten the life out of him'. Part of Radio 4 On Music

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  • How Folk Songs Should Be Sung

    Wed, 19 Feb 14

    30 mins

    Put together in the mid 1960s by singer and songwriters Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, The Crtics Group attempted to define a set of rules for best practice in folk music performance, but in the early 1970s fell apart acrimoniously, mainly due to what some saw as MacColl's domineering attitude. With the help of recollections from former members and archive recordings taken at the Group's meetings, English folk legend tells this fascinating story.

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  • When Cassius Met The Beatles

    Wed, 12 Feb 14

    30 mins

    The story of an unlikely meeting of two 20th century icons which happened in February 1964. The Beatles, on their first visit to the U.S. are set up for a photoshoot with boxer Cassius Clay (later to become Muhammad Ali), then about take on Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight title and considered very much the underdog. A few weeks later, both the band and Clay are global celebrities. John Wilson speaks to those who were there, with contributions from Paul McCartney. Part of Radio 4 on Music, re-releasing the best of the Radio 4 Music Archive.

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