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              Documentary of the Week

              The Documentary of the Week podcast brings you our pick of the week's documentaries on BBC Radio 4. A new episode is published every Friday.

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              • The Origins of War: 22 May 15

                Fri, 22 May 15

                28 mins

                29 days remaining

                Is our desire to wage war something uniquely human or can its origins be traced much further back in our evolutionary past?

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              • Drags to Riches: 15 May 15

                Fri, 15 May 15

                28 mins

                22 days remaining

                The British drag scene has moved from working men’s clubs to lucrative mainstream. Kim Normanton meets three very different drag entrepreneurs, and presents an entertaining and moving portrait of a booming industry. She talks to the men behind the wigs and lashes and explores questions about gender identity in modern Britain.

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              • Alistair Cooke Memorial Lecture: 8 May 2015

                Fri, 8 May 15

                42 mins

                15 days remaining

                American historian David Blight presents the 2015 Alistair Cooke Memorial Lecture. Prof Blight explores the legacy of the American Civil War - especially regarding the issue of race-relations. He joins the dots between events from 150 years ago, the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and recent protests in the cities of Baltimore and Ferguson.

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              • My Mother's Sari: 1 May 15

                Fri, 1 May 15

                29 mins

                8 days remaining

                Dr. Shahidha Bari traces the story of the sari, explores how it feels to wear one and asks what it meant for women like her mother. She talks with a range of women, including broadcaster Mishal Husain and writer Monica Ali about their experiences. And she explores the powerful, painful, sometimes complicated relationships between mother and daughters, and discovers the unexpected ways in which clothing can be imprinted with feelings of nostalgia, love and loss, whichever background we come from.

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              • Shipping Songs: 24 Apr 15

                Fri, 24 Apr 15

                28 mins

                1 day remaining

                The Shipping Forecast has long provided essential, potentially life-saving, information for those at sea around the British Isles. But the forecast also has a history of sparking the imagination and creativity of those firmly on land - music, poetry and artworks of all kinds have been inspired by it. Award-winning folk artist Lisa Knapp, who has herself written a song inspired by the daily forecast, takes a musical and poetic voyage through the watery regions of the Shipping Forecast and examines the appeal it holds for land-bound musicians, poets and writers.

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